Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vacation day 3...

I know, I know. I am totally slacking on getting these posts up. Its been over a month. So goal now is to get them all up in the next 24 hrs.

On the 3rd day of vacation, Wednesday, we got up after sleeping in a bit, after all we did not go to sleep till after midnight the night before and drove all day the day before. We ate our breakfast and it was off to our adventures of the day. First stop, Mystery Spot.

I have never been there. We found it after driving a bit. Thought it would be a great idea to go there sense boo and I both have never been, but Mel had once. And besides, Tony told us we should go. Once there and finding parking (which is silly how they have all that set up!), we find out that it would be at least a 2 hour wait for our tour. So we said forget it. But I did manage to get 2 cool flower shots!

in case you cannot tell, this flower hangs upside down.
I think Mel has these same flowers in her yard. but they are pretty still.

Second stop, Mission Santa Cruz.

See I have a thing about Missions. They are old. Most are pretty. There is history there. 'Nuf said. Sadly for me, this Mission is nothing in compared to Carmel's. Oy, I found out that Carmel's is the prettiest one out there and that was the FIRST one I have been to. So I'm set for the rest not to match up now. But here is the Mission anyways.

Mission Santa Cruz
Our next stop was Natural Bridges. I saw only one there...

Natural Bridges

We decided that it was time to stop for lunch. We picked the Surfer Museum to stop at for that. Pretty spot, and you can see places where you use to be able to walk out further on the rocks, but is now no longer safe to do so. I sat there and wonder how it would have looked 50 or 100 years ago... so different, yet so pretty still.

Santa Cruz Surfer Museum
Seals outside of the Surfer Museum
Our next destination was Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History. That place was really cool and I highly recommend for anyone to go there. They had a small tide pool in there with starfish and other sea life. Alexandria had a lot of fun with that.

Tide pool in the Museum
They had real, live beehive in there (of which I stayed FAR away from). Some of the wildlife that is found in the area, stuffed. Then before I knew it I was standing in front of a real snake. In a cage. A. Snake. Oh. My. Goodness! It took all I had in me not to scream. Lord knows, I would have never willing went anywhere near that area if I knew it was there.

Boo did get to pet a big sea turtle and sat on a big whale.

After that we went back to the Boardwalk and explored the wharf. We saw some sea life up close and personal like.

And so that ends day 3 of vacation. Stay tuned to day 4...

xoxo, T

Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacation day 2 part 2... Santa Cruz

So I had to break up day two into two posts because it was a very long day. Once the campsite was set up and we head back to Santa Cruz for food, we end up at the boardwalk for food. Sadly for us there was only one place open. Was not worth the price and I for sure will not be eating there again. But here is the picture of the view outside from where we ate at.

View from Ideal in Santa Cruz
The next part was we went threw and checked out the board walk where the rides are. I had never been there before so we were checking it out. They were having their throw back night to 1907. So prices were marked down. Boo got some Cotton Candy for $1 and then we went miniature golfing for $3 each. This was a first for Boo and it was a great experience for her.

First time golfing!

Want this in my house
Second level of golfing, she did really well.
My hole in one!!!

Mostly pictures in this one, as there is not much to say. We all had fun golfing for about 2 hours. Went to bed after midnight but it was so worth it.

xoxo, T

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vacation day 2 2010

Our second day of vacation started with us packing up everything and moving on. I forgot to mention that there was a skunk on Monday night that wanted to come join our fire. I was all for him enjoying it and me hiding in the tent. So did not want to mess with him. And trying to sleep on sand one would think is comfortable, but really its not. Sand does not move once your tent is up!

We got up early on Tuesday, because we had a busy and long day ahead of us. Once breakfast was down and everything was packed and ready to go, we were off. First stop was to go visit the boys at Boy Scout Camp. It was a quick 30 minute drive from where we were camping at. Its a nice campground and the boys were having a ton of fun. We went on a hike to see all of the camp site and while hiking, we ran across some sweet peas. My second favorite flower next to red roses. All day Monday and Tuesday everywhere we went i found sweet peas but they were always on the side of the road. So I took a picture of the one's that I found at camp.

Sweet Pea's

We left camp at about noon and started our drive to Santa Cruz. By Google Maps directions it should be a 3 hour and 45 minute drive. It was more like a 8 hour drive. We drove right down Hwy 1. Such a stunning drive on that hwy. Its one of my favorites in California, mostly because its all coast driving. Here is some pictures of the places we stopped.

Some crab's chillin on the side of the bay, where we stopped to have a tailgate lunch.
We stopped on the side of hwy 1 just outside of the town of Marshall. First for us is a tailgate lunch. While eating, I saw a bird I wanted to get a picture of and then I happen to look down and saw the crabs chillin here. So it was a must to get a picture of them.

Along the coast of California. North of Stinson Beach.

About an hour later we were able to get our first view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We all were very excited to see that because we wanted to stop in SF for some potty break and leg stretching time. But that was not in the cards for us.

Amazing crystal clear views of the bridge and all of SF.
Because we could not find the place we were looking for and it was well past 5pm at this time, we decided to push on and keep driving south. No more stops along the side of the road (except for a potty break in Pacifica, at a NASTY gas station). We knew we were almost there when we saw Pigeon Point Light House.

Pigeon Point Light House
For the first time in 3 summers I did not stop there. Amazing I know. About 1 hour later we were in Santa Cruz and at our campsite.

With that being said, part two of day two will be posted in a new post.

xoxo, T

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation day 1 2010

This is day one of our 5 day vacation, there will be 5 posts to it. With pictures, of course!

Monday morning we all get up and get ready to head out of town. Fish are taken care of by my boss and the house is ready for us when we come back. We all pile into the pick up truck and head west. West to the ocean and beach. Camping. 3 girls about to have a amazing time but who is to know what will happen.

We head out hwy 12 to Napa. Its sorta on our way there and I have always wanted to go to Napa. I had never been there before and working in a winery, I thought it would be a good idea to check out this famed wine area. A few hours later, we get there. Boy was I disappointed. First off nearly every place charges. Second, nearly every place was closed. Third, sorry but the Lodi area is sooo much prettier than where we were. So we ended up not stopping there.

We all started to get pretty hungry and Boo needed the use of a bathroom. I'm the map person so I was trying to find a town with SOMETHING to eat other than fast food. We all are firm believers of stopping at a mom-n-pop dinner or restraunt when on vacation and out of town. Several hours later and on some really curvy roads (not NEARLY as bad as our vacation 2 years ago), we get to the town of Sebastopol. Found a gas station there to clean the dead bug bodies off the window (we drove thru a ton of bugs at once and they covered the window) and for Boo to use the potty. I asked them where would there be a place to eat at here and they gave me directions to a little mexican place to eat at.

We drove to it and managed to find it quite easy enough. It was a pretty small place and the gal spoke next to no english at all.We ordered our food, and waited. Finally got it (after like 30 minutes) and it was waaaaayyyyy over cooked. We managed to get it down (with a lot of soda/water) and got out of there.

I freaking loved this car.

Next stop was our campsite at Bodega Bay Dunes. We pull in to check in and the gal gave us a map and told us to find 3 open spots and she will see out of them which ones we could have. Alrighty then. Well Mel turns right away and i'm looking at the map the gal gives us (it was a 4x4 square paper). we end up in the wrong spot totally but mangaed to figure out how to get to the ocean! Back tracking and saw a bunny, and found our way to the campsites. We found one that was right acrossed from the bathroom (and showers) and it was a big site. I wanted that one cuz it was the only one close to running water! We get back up and yep its ours.

our campsite

Once we got everything set up and ready for the night we drove over to the beach area. Ahhhh my MUCH needed time with the Ocean.

sweeping view of Bodega Beach
Now it was not very windy or cold there, which was TOTALLY shocking to me. Every time I have ever gone there its always windy and very cold. We hiked down the beach and saw lots of Ocean life.

My bird friend, I think I named him Frank
The small dead jelly fish
the very large dead jelly fish. I thought this one was ugly.

After a bit of the walking we found some drift wood and I made Boo pose on it. She is getting so big and pretty!

Peace chicka!
So after a bit we went back to the campsite to get a fire going and dinner cooking. We had some to-die-for corn on the cob with hot dogs roasted over the open flame. oh and yummy watermelon and chilli. Boo made friends with a boy from another campsite and they played until it was bed time.

Boo dancing in her sleeping bag because she was sooo excited!

Monday is done and over with.... xoxo, T