Monday, March 31, 2008

A day of Greatness

Today is a day of Greatness in my life. And gratefullness. Today is my daughters birthday. Yep, she is a day older now. This whole weekend was all about her. And I do hope and pray she had a good one.

Let me tell you something, I admire my daugther. There are times i wish I could be more like her. She can look at something that I see as something so wrong and see the silver lining. Take this weekend...

Saturday we get up extra early to take her brother to a scout camp for the weekend. She is really good about going to all this stuff for him and letting him go. We were there for nearly 2 hours...and the whole time she is chatting it up with the boys and adults alike. Just like she is one of them! So they went off on to their camp and home we came. Because I stayed up all night the night before, she let me go to sleep for a bit while she watched her Saturday morning cartoons.

A while later I wake up and we finish getting the house ready for her friends to come over for the birthday party. Once we are done with that we go out and get her cake. Come back and her Papa stops by for a visit. After he left we got ready to go to the Hockey game (part of her party). One of her friends called and said they were very sick. And my little girl, that is not so little anymore, says, "Mommy, We will pray for her! I just know she is so sad she can't be here."

Before we leave we call the only girl that had not came yet. No answer, so we left a message for her to call us. And we leave with my friends to the Hockey game. The game itself was good, our team won. But at the end of the game she got a headache and we left early. She was pretty sad the whole game because nobody came to her party. She is so slective of her friends, so if your invited, its only because she really, really likes you.

On the way home, we stop and pick up the last girl, the only girl to come to the party. And it was a great night for them. They played dress up, sang happy birthday, watched a movie and slept a bit.

Sunday morning came, and up we all got and off to church we went. After church it was just me and her again. We came home and I talked with her about her birthday. I told her that i was sorry it was not all that she had been planning for and hoping for. She looked at me with her big brown eyes, "Mommy, I know you did your best. And this is the best birthday I have ever had. You were here, and I got you just for me. Thank you, mommy and I love you."

What child could have the ablity to say such a thing after not having everything she hoped for and planned for to happen. What adults can say that. I know I could not.

Eight years ago today, March 31st, I gave birth to my very beautiful little girl. I hoped that I could give her a much better life than I have had. And I am seeing this little girl grow up to be a very wise woman, even at 8 years of age she show more smarts than most adults do at 40 years of age.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


So this blog is to track the days in my life. A bit about me. I'm a single mom, er, solo mom that lives in Northern California. I have 2 wonderful, and on your toes, children. Each day is an adventure with them and them with me.

The latest is Dating as a Single mom. There is so much that entails and its an adventure all on its own.

There is the working mom, the scout mom, and the Christian mom... yep lots of hats and that is just to name a few. Stay tuned and join in on the wonderful adventure.