Thursday, January 15, 2009

dipping my toe into the dating world....

i'm asking for prayers on this. I'm meeting someone. A guy. tomorrow night. for coffee. yes he is a christian. he goes to a baptist church. he lives less than 20 min from me. owns his own house, a car, jeep and motocycle. I have seen pictures of him, and he is really good looking. we have been talking on the phone for about a week. we click really well. I like everything i have seen/heard so far.
BUT.... im freaking out. after last years feasco into dating i'm freaking out. i'm scared he looks nothing like his pictures and is extreamly over weight and ugly or something. missing teeth... oh i dont know. you all know i have an overactive immagination. its in over drive right now.
We are meeting at starbucks. 730pm ish. i'll post when i get home but oh Lord, pray for me. that im calm by then and look freaking GOOD and that he looks like his pictures. and that all the rest falls into place. ALSO please pray that if it does work out that i can find someplace for the kids to go overnight friday night so we can do a dubble date at a hockey game.
thanks. and i love you guys. and i know you'll pray.
ps... some one come here and hold my freaking hand. just jump on a plain and do it. :)
pps... please?
ppss.. i'm crazy right?
pppss.. dont answer that.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to school we all go....

Break is over. Its 2009. Time for school. Or that is what I'll be saying at 7am when the alarms go off for me to get up and get the kids going. How exciting. Half of 7th grade and 3rd grades are over. I start school too! 1/2 of my BS in Education is over! Now all I have left to take in classes are the HARD classes. Like New Tes. History. At least it will get me reading and studding the bible in a better and productive way.

I'm applying to work at starbucks down the street from where we are currently staying. I need to bring in more money ($80 a month is not going to pay off bills and get us back in our own place) so i'm going there. A friend of mine works at one in stockton and i use to work at one. My friend told me that i can get 20 hrs and have the work hours being when the kids are in school. Which right now, is a must. As I dont have day care and they are not old enought to be home alone for long periods of time.

Tomorrow I have a ton of errans to run, and my roommate is going with me. Makes it a little less painful for the running around to do, when someone is with you. Oh and on the totally not serouse side... One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl are back on tonight!!!! And Grey's starts back on Thursday. woohoo!!!

On that note... c-ya!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year... No Resolutions here

That's because I don't do resolutions. Because each time that I had made one, I did not keep it and then I felt more let down and make me not want to do it again. So now I do goals.

My Goal's for 2009.

1. Get all bills paid off.
2. Save money for our own place AND put money in a rainy day fund.
3. Work hard at work and school.
4. Compleate with good grades 8 classes this year to my degree.
5. Get a 2ed job or better pay/hours at my current job.
6. Be a better mom and friend.
7. Work on being more healthy.
8. work on being truely happy (any pointers here?)
9. Be more honest
10. Say NO more

And that is my goal's for this year. I'll update as I complete them, when I do.

xoxo, T