Monday, February 28, 2011

Help Needed...

Well I have been really absent of late. That is because I was dealing with a lot of "health" issues. In less than a 2 month period of time I managed to put on 20lbs. No clue as to how. No increased eating or anything. And with that came decreased in energy and a drastic INCREASE in the need to sleep! Which is totally not me.

So I did what all normal people would do. I called the doctor. Made the appointment and went. The doctor had no idea as to why and requested blood work done. Did all of that and went back a week later. Still no real answers so she sent me to a blood dr to read the test. Two weeks later and he said he saw nothing! BACK to the doctor I went.

So she tells me the only thing that she can do is put me on an antidepressant (nope, not depressed) to help increase my energy and decrease the weight. Been on that for 4 days now. How much of a change... well the first 3 days it took all I could do to stay awake! I was asleep with in minutes of taking the pill and was out cold for hours. 4... was a lot groggy for the first 11/2 hours but got better. The afternoon I was feeling a lot more like myself. Energy, happy, and most of all not sleepy!

So hopefully that will do it. It will keep going in this direction we are hoping it to go in and I can be back to normal quickly. We shall see. What I think went wrong with me? I think my body has had enough of the stress that I have had being a single mom and trying to be wonder woman! My body is telling me to stop, take a break and re-coop.

xoxo, T

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

eeekkkk... a week late...better late than never

Right? Well this last few weeks has been a bit crazy. So here is a quick catch up.
My cake decoration class is over. January is done with and in the books. Working like crazy and just trying to keep up with everything! And now onto the pictures!
3rd cake decorating class, cupcakes

Just playing with cupcakes....these ones are chocolate fudge with strawberry filling 

Peanut butter cups cupcakes! Yum!

Stunning sunset on my way home from work. had to get this shot!

Final cake for the cake decorating class. Looked so much better in person 

the failure for the week. its at a local shopping center. been that way for months.

That is it for now....

xoxo, T