Thursday, July 30, 2009

Job, School and more

Rip off the bandade, throw down some salt in the hole and see how that feels. Yep that is just how I was feeling when I got the call about a Job I had been interviewing for, for over 3 weeks. Can you figure out what the call said? "No, sorry we went with someone else". How frustrating. And how much of a test of faith can I get? I keep asking how much more I have to wait, or what is it that I am doing wrong? Because I have 2 kids to raise, they need their momma working. I love working. So I'm going crazy with all of these no's! There is nothing out there right now too. :(

School is back for the kids. They started this past Tuesday. I now have a 8th grader and a 4th grader. Both are pretty pleased with their teachers and classmates. A few changes if they could have their way, but that will not be happening. :) School for me starts back Aug 31. I am excited to get back into that routine again as well.

Popcorn sales for scouts kicks off here this week as well. Austin needs to sell, sell, sell. He has several camps coming up this next summer that is about $1,000 he will need to raise to pay to go to. Selling popcorn will put a huge dent in that. Anyone want some? I went to training on that tonight, fun. I won a fishing pole. That will be going back to the troop!!! I do not fish.

This weekend is a busy weekend. Filled with birthday parties. And the following weekend we are going with the Scouts to Hike Yosemite!!! I have never been and I cannot wait to go. I just need to find someone to babysit Alexandria. As that hike will be too much for her!

That is it for now. I need to get some sleep in. Have a lot of work around the house to do tomorrow.

xoxo, T

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can we just sit back and enjoy?

Because that is what i'm doing now. I'm sitting back and enjoying my life and those around me. The last couple of days have been pretty good and productive. Yesterday I finished off my scrapbook pages for part of my vacation.

Today I had coffee with a dear friend and then took my daughter out to shoot pictures of her. She is a great model. Even though I had to bribe her with a lunchable to get her to do it for me. <>

Tonight i'm hoping to work on a couple of projects and work on other scrapbook pages. I'm so excited to have my love for it back! It never really went away, I was just feeling overwhelming guilt for thinking about doing it. Lucky, I got past that. Of which, I'm sure many people are happy about.

This weekend Austin comes back from camp. I'm sure he will be grumpy! lol. He always is. The kids go back to school next Tuesday. And tomorrow I will be finding out about my jobs I have interviewed for. Lots of exciting and happening things going on.... but for right now, I'm just going to keep enjoying it.

xoxo, T

Monday, July 20, 2009

Whew! Crazy couple of weeks

Hard to believe that the kids will be back in school in just over a week. But here it is. End of summer vacation! :( <--- That face is for them. I'm the one wearing the big smile!!! lol I love my kids, but being with them 24/7 gets old fast.

Austin is currently up in the moutains at his last week long camp of the summer. I drove him up there today (about a 3.5-4 hour drive one way). It was great to get outta the valley. He got up there and was ready for me to leave right away. The joy's of a 13 year old boy. Enjoying his freedom while he can! haha! I should mention just yesterday he came home from another week long camp. This is summer for him. Gone most of it camping with Boy Scouts. Make it some what nicer here, with him gone, because there is less fighting!

Alexandria has had a busy summer too. June, she was gone for 4 days at her camp with our church. Then this past week, spent 4 days with my dear friend while *I* went on a much needed vacation! Alexandria learned how to fully swim under the water!!! Of course she does that when i'm not around and nobody took any pictures! :( Oh well, its going to be in the low 100's here all this week and there is a lovely pool where i live. I'll be sure we get some pool time in!

Like I said above, I got a much needed vacation! Boy did I not want to come home. Spent 1 day up at Silver Lake by Kit Carson, Ca. And the next day spent it in Carmel and driving down the coast on hwy 1. Did I mention the fact I love the ocean? haha. I think my boyfriend thought he would not get me away from there at one or 2 dozen points. I know I could have stay at any of the beaches all night long and would have been just dandy with me. Much needed vacation for sure.

So its just about time to get back into the usual routines. I will have, in the next week, a 8th grader and a 4th grader. Scary as it seams, they are that old already. We go back to school and full swing with Scouts, Church, Dance and all the rest. And hopfully, by the end of this week, a new job for me! Details to come on that when they are avaiable! :)

Hope your summer is going great!

xoxo, T

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Contest, finding more

So I did it. I finished my 2 page layout for the Scrapbooking contest at our local store. I'm really hoping I win. If I do, its a chance at a gift card. There is 3 of them. Gift Cards that is. One for $75, one for $50 and one for $25. I'm really hopeful that I can win the 1st one.

Finding more... well been trying to find more work for months now. And I have nothing. No call backs, no new job, no nothing. I feel like a failure in this. I have massive job experance. Been working sense i was 17 years old. Most of the time more than one job. So not finding something is killing me. I know the jobs are just not around but there has got to be SOMETHING. Frustrating!

I also have been trying to make money by selling off things. So far no bites on that. With this month's bill looming over head, and nobody around to borrow the funds from, I have no idea how I will make it. I try to keep it all to myself. So that nobody is worring about it, like the kids and stuff. But its hard to do.

xoxo, T