Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Trees, Silver Lake, Recital

My action packed weekend. Even though it was not a weekend.

It started on Thursday morning. We pilled into the car about 8am and headed for the hills. Very pretty hour and half drive up there. We wanted to go for a hike on the Lava Buff Trail. After we pay to get into the park, we drive to find the parking lot for the trail head. So we go for the hike and check out the great views. The boys saw a snake, and I tried to *not* see it. :) After the hike we went to the river to have lunch and did some climbing to see the mini-waterfalls. All in all, a great day.

Friday, Austin and I went up to visit friends at Silver Lake. Both cameras are with my boyfriend in his car so I had to use my cell phone to take pictures. But the pictures were great. We hiked along a river, and it was all down hill then up hill. Sooo pretty.

Sunday was Alexandria's Dance recital. After a little bit of additude at first, she was fine. She danced wonderfully... the video's can be seen here. Ballet was first and then Hip-Hop.

That was our weekend of sorts. This week the kids are at VBS each night. Austin is help and Alexandria is participating.

Not much is up and coming in the next two weeks. Hopefully the weather keeps with the warming trend and we can have lots of pool time. Enjoy the pictures and video's.

xoxo, T

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baking cookies, action packed week

Today was a first. Alexandria left for her first ever away camp. She is a few hours north of me now, and will be back Saturday afternoon. I pray that she has a fabby time, and her and her bff get SLEEP!!!!

Me being the nice mom I try to be asked my son if he would like some chocolate chip cookies. He said yes, specially if I was going to bake them. So we got everything down to bake and come to find out we were 1/2 cup short of brown sugar. So off he went to the liquor store around the corner to get some while I wait for him to get back.

Tomorrow we are heading up to the hills for some hiking. Looks like we will hit Big Trees SP and hike there. I'll be sure to take a ton of pictures! And post about it when i get back. Friday we are going to go visit friends that are on vacation at Silver Lake. I have never been there so I want to check that place out. Saturday the girl comes home and Sunday will be her dance recital. Next week starts off VBS and then June is over pretty much.

So that is our action packed week. I'm sure I'll have lots to write about!

xoxo, T

Friday, June 12, 2009

Camp is over, life back to normal?

I thought I would be nice to give you all an update. Sense I have been pretty much MIA for a few weeks now.

My procedure that I did last thursday, i'm healing up better now. she said take it easy for 2 weeks, and of course i did not. i could not. but now i'm taking it easy. :) I go back in 1 month for a final check up and then we are set. :) after that just a yearly check.
Our final year of runing Cub Scout Day Camp is done. I cannot tell you how happy I am that i have it behind me. It took a lot out of me this year. normally i'm back to myself by now but nope. does not help that i had major allergy attack from the Cottonwood trees out there. but its done and over with. whew!!!!!

Austin is going to be home on Saturday, i dont know what time. but he comes back from NYLT. Its gonna be interesting for me to have him home. I am so sure that there will be some changes in him when he comes back. He does not go away to camp's again until july and that is for 2 weeks.

Alexandria is leaving wed. at 8am to her camp for 4 days. she is scared and excited. it will be the first time for her to go away to camp AND for that many days without me. I keep telling her she will be just fine. i dont think she believes me.... lol i'm not sure i believe me! She comes home on the following Saturday and then that sunday is ballet/hip-hop recital. THAT we all are looking forward to.

Both kids are going to VBS this year. Austin to help and boo to participate in. I need to call my neice mom and make sure she can still go too. It would be her first year! :)

So that is it from here. I'll be around more now that things have calmed down. My focuse now is on finding a job and getting the house back in order.

xoxo, T