Saturday, November 29, 2008

Laptop Stolen, filling a restraining order

Yep, that is right. My brother (which will be the last time claiming it as such) stole it from my room. Yeah he denies it, but funny, it was there when i left for black friday shopping, and when i came back it was gone. He was the only one with access to it.

So I have lost all info on it. All of the Boy Scout stuff I have spent better than a year working on. All of my School stuff, so 6 months of my batcholors degree is down the drain. all of the kids picture for the last year or more gone. All email addresses, forms ect. gone. Thanks to that jerks need for drugs.

So I am done with him and anyone that cares to side with him. I'm filing a restraining order on monday. i have the forms filled out and ready to go, just need the courts to open monday. The police department cant do anything about the laptop unless they find it in a search or he walks in with it. Or if i have witnesses. Oh and if you HAVE my laptop and are reading this... return it. you know where he lives so return it to there, i'll pay you to return it. You can do what you want to, to him, i no longer care. but please return my laptop.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Laptop down. Thanksgiving. Black Friday

So I could not post for about a week. My laptop went down. The power cord fried on it, and sense it was still under warrentee, Dell sent me a new one. So I could not log in here at all. That is what happends when you have your life on one computer and you don't save things anywhere else. That is including in your mind. So I am back and happy about that!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for. My grandma made it through the 1st surgery. My kids are alive and healthy. We are in a house that is nice and warm. I have a job, abit part time, but still a job. And I do have a few friends that do care.

I will be cooking tomorrow. Turkey, mashed potatos, sweet potato, green beans, bread, and gravy. I made the pumkin pie today.

And the best news of all, I get to go black friday shopping tomorrow night!!!!!!! Yes, I'm heading to walmart about 2 am. I have a list of things to get for grandma. Then I will be giving her a call about 8am to come and pay for everything. So even though I do not have any money, I do get to enjoy the joy of black friday shopping.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ahhh!!! I'm back. grandma. home. going back?

Well I tried for the last 4 days to post a new blog. Cept it would not work. So very frustrating when you DO want to post. So where to start...

Well grandma came home on Sat afternoon. She is not the same. This I see, but I dont know who else does or does not. Some of it others are seeing, and I know she is not seeing all of it. Her mind is not what it was, remotely. She does not remember things she said the day or minutes before. Or she remembers things when we were kids, but its like its going on now.

She has issues with her bowls. And they have done somethings for it (surgery and hospital stay) but it has not stopped the issues. I honestly think she needs to go in over that and other things, but she wont. She says they wont take care of it. :sigh: I dont know what to do.

Kids are doing pretty good with thier school. I did get a increase in hours at work. PTA is going. Scouts is great.

Well i need to get some sleep, as i do have to work tomorrow. More comeing...

xoxo, T

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update and prayers...

Well, i am home for the first time sense this am. I'm wore out. I have spent most of my day at the hosptial.
Update: well this am she was not doing any better. But tonight, she was able to eat cream of chicken soup. YEAH!!! she had 2 bowls and it stayed down!!! i'm so freaking happy over that. And the dr. told her she can get up and walk, so she did in the hall. she made 3 trips up and down the hall with me and she was doing soo good. she even broke a sweat! I littlerly clapped my hands when she did.
So tomorrow, she will work up to eating NORMAL food. and if she can do that, and keep walking with no more problems, she could be home this weekend!!!
A few prayers:
keeping grandma in your prayers, of course.
Prayers that my brother will clean up the FILTHLY kitchen he made. and to stop eating allt he food up! i cannot keep food in this house at all.
prayers that my aunt is keeping okay and that grandpa will keep paying for where she is staying at. I cannot keep her here with me because of work and i just cannot do it. there is not enough of me to do so.
and prayers for the kids. boo is so scared about grandma (i keep taking her each day to see her) that she is not sleeping well and is acting out in school and at home. Austin is tooo quiet, which means he is worried (he gets that one from me).
and me. i keep going and about 4pm i really feel like i cant make another step. tonight, i did not have enough cash to get me dinner. i went all day with no food (like yesterday) and you guys know i cannot do that, i'll end up in the hospital. So i was going to get some beef bretos from taco bell. but i had to feed the kids first. so there was just not enough money. So on the way home at 9pm i got a steak from the store and i'm now eating it. its taking all i got to just do what i have to do, and now i need to keep doing more. And i dont know how to do it.
thanks, and a new update will be done tomorrow at some point.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rock Climbing. Check. Surgery. Check.

And so life moves on. Check.

We went rock climbing on friday night with the scouts. THAT was fun. I am so going to be the adult going again next year! We climbed from 9 pm to 5 am. Made for a long night, but really fun. We drove home at 5:30am Saturday. From there we did sleep for a bit then I got up to take my neice with me to get Alexandria. From there we just went to do some shoping and then came home.

Sunday was filled with church, church meeting, taking aunt to a board and care home. then home to chill for the night.

Monday we were up at 6am to take grandma in for her surgery. While she was being checked in and set up to go, Austin walked acrossed the street to go to school. Then I ran Alexandria up to her school. Came back to the hosptial and went with grandma up to the OR floor. They started to put her under, and had me wait out in the waiting room. Darn hospital is one of the only ones left that does not offer wireless net for those that are waiting. :( so i read 2 books. Okay nearly read 2 books. I did manage to read, "A Case for Christ". pretty good book and i'd reccomend it to everyone. And i'm almost done with my next book. Oh and this weekend i did finish "The Last Lecture" that book is one EVERYONE should read.

So when she was done with surgery, and came out just fine I left for a very short bit to go grab a bite to eat. Then came back to wait forever for her to get a room for the night. Finally that happened about 4pm. Went up to check on her and make sure she was okay. Got her all settled and chatted with her nurse a bit. which i was none too thrilled with the nurses or drs. Went home and dealt with the mess with the care home my aunt was in. Switched her out and made sure she was in a safe place.

FF to today. Got up and dealt more with the situation with my aunt. Then went to the hosptial with the kids. Well got there and she was sleeping. I talked with her old nurse. She said it was okay to bring in the kids. so the kids woke her up a bit. They came in and talked with me and checked her out a bit. then her Dr came in. took off her bandaids and said she could go home after lunch. I was SHOCKED to say the least. They told me on Monday it would be wed before she would be home. So i go to take care of Austin because he had scouting things to do today. then i went and got grandma's van. Got back to the hospital and they had her all but dressed and out the door. So i had got her dressed and then I took her home.

So now we are up to tonight. Got her pain meds. i'm still not sure she should be home. she is not steady on her feet. can only be up for maybe 1 hour max. And she wants to bring my aunt home tomorrow. and i just dont have it in me too keep all this up. plus i will be working this week. Can i go crawl into a hole now and wake up when life is back to my normalness?

xoxo, T

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Um... Yeah..

So quick update... I promise to come back and fill you in on all of it. There was in school suspention, car explosion, fights, stedy hours at work, sickness and more. But here is what happened today.

did color gaurd with the boys scouts for our Band Review. Came home and tried to nap. Was not allowed to nap (dont people around here get i dont sleep at night?!!?!?) Finally got up and stayed up and cleaned the kitchen. Cooked some cookies (chocolate chip, sugar cookies and peanut butter). Then went to the library. check out 3 books for each of us. Came home made dinner. ate dinner. while dinner was being ate, listed to my brother breate grandmother. did dishes. then brother got in my face. called 911. cops came. kicked him out. told grandma "do not let him back in". Cops left after making him leave. he called less than 15 min latter. breating her on the phone. she (after about 5 min) gives the phone to me. i hung up on him when he called me a b..... He showes up 5 min later and she freaking lets him in. and now he is back. Cops told me to get a restaining order on him. to make him stay gone if she wont make him. But that would put a fight between me and her. I dont know what to do.

So I'll be back, as you can read... today was a long day. time for sleep as i have church tomorrow.

xoxo, T