Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gonna be the best weekend EVER!

There is too many changes to count on!!! So lets not go into them at the moment shall we?

I am too excited. This FRIDAY I leave for San Diego!!! I haven't been there before and I'm going as a work thing, but I dont care! Its gonna be a bunch of fun. I get to hang out with a long time friend, Linda, on Friday afternoon/evening. She is sooo sweet for letting me crash at her home Friday night! Thanks Greenie!!!! Then Saturday I head the rest of the way to SD and go to CTMH Leadershare! WOOT! Spend the whole day learning how to better market CTMH and all that fun stuff.

Once that is over, I'm making the long drive back up north to home (its only like 8-9 hour drive!)! Because on Sunday I get to spend the day in SF with friends... Ahhh beach anyone? Pier anyone? So totally excited! And the fact that I wont have the kids and spending the day with friends... Life is GOOD!

After 2 very, very, very long stressful months, I think I'm due for some fun and sun and friends. This weekend could not have come at a better time than now. I can relax, enjoy life and go places. Some of my most fave. things I will be doing this weekend.

What are you weekend plans?

xoxo, T