Tuesday, August 25, 2009

been sick

Oh how much I HATE being sick. I'm the worst person to be around when I'm sick. And I refuse to allow myself to get sick. So when I do, I really do. NOT FUN.

This time it was a cold, I think. Not even sure. Started with a sore throat on Thursday of last week. I did not think anything of it because I went into a business where there was something I was allergic to. Thought it was scrachy because of that. Nope. Friday comes around and I'm starting to feel worse and worse. Next comes the fever, cough and stuffy nose. YUCK.

Saturday afternoon went to M's to work on the mural. Was feeling okay, not too bad on the sick end. Sunday went for the 25 mile bike ride. THAT was fun. I totally enjoyed myself with it and was feeling great. Then worked more on the murals again till late.

Monday came and was sooo very sick. I just wanted to die. Stayed home from work because I could not see to drive and my temp was so up. :( BF came in that night and took care of me. Works for me.

Today stayed home from work again because I was still totally outta it. Now I'm feeling a bit better. Hopefully I'll be all better tomorrow. I have to because I am going into work.

I'll update on other things when the med head is totally gone and I can make more sense. :)

xoxo, T

Friday, August 7, 2009

Short and Sweet...

This is going to be a short and quick update... more to follow maybe tomorrow night.

This week was filled with back to school nights for both the kids. I met all but one of Austin's teachers. Out of the 6 that I did meet, one I was not overly fond of. Met Alexandria's teacher. Well not too fond of her too, but Alexandria is loving being in her class. So we'll leave that alone for right now.

Had a job interview this week. More information to come on that later. As in when I know more. I'm wishing I will get it. I'm not hoping, hoping is bad for me.

Tomorrow we are up at 4am to go to Yosemite. First time ever for me. I'm excited. Doing a pretty nice hike with the Boy Scouts. Alexandria will not be coming along for this one. She is at a friends house until I come home tomorrow late after noon. Just Austin and I for the hike with a bunch of other scouts and 4 other adults. I'm very much so looking forward to this.

That is pretty much it for the moment. I'll be sure to post about the hike when we come back. May have to wait until Sunday if I'm too tired. :)

xoxo, T