Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve...

A lot has happend sense I was last able to post. And its Christmas eve today.

Well as you read in my last blog, I had my laptop stolen from my brother. He still denys stealing it. But just about everyone knows better. A birdie dropped the $ in my lap to replace it, so I am typing to you on my new laptop. Its taking me a bit to get this laptop up to the point my last one was at. After all I had years of work on it.

Sense everything went down, we have moved out of my grandmothers house. She has choose that my drug/gang/stealing brother is better for her to have around than me and my children. She has choose to make my kids feel like they should not be around because all she is doing is yelling and cussing and threatening them. So I thought it would be best for them if we are not there. We are staying with a friend until I have enough money saved up to move into our own place again. Which should hopfully not take much time at all.

Christmas is tomorrow, and we do have some gifts. Friends have got gifts for the kids as well and we will be spending Christmas day with friends as well. It will be nice for the kids I think.

Well that is my Merry Christmas Eve update. Now that I have the laptop (new one), I should be able to post more. Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTmas!!!!!

xoxo, T

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Laptop Stolen, filling a restraining order

Yep, that is right. My brother (which will be the last time claiming it as such) stole it from my room. Yeah he denies it, but funny, it was there when i left for black friday shopping, and when i came back it was gone. He was the only one with access to it.

So I have lost all info on it. All of the Boy Scout stuff I have spent better than a year working on. All of my School stuff, so 6 months of my batcholors degree is down the drain. all of the kids picture for the last year or more gone. All email addresses, forms ect. gone. Thanks to that jerks need for drugs.

So I am done with him and anyone that cares to side with him. I'm filing a restraining order on monday. i have the forms filled out and ready to go, just need the courts to open monday. The police department cant do anything about the laptop unless they find it in a search or he walks in with it. Or if i have witnesses. Oh and if you HAVE my laptop and are reading this... return it. you know where he lives so return it to there, i'll pay you to return it. You can do what you want to, to him, i no longer care. but please return my laptop.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Laptop down. Thanksgiving. Black Friday

So I could not post for about a week. My laptop went down. The power cord fried on it, and sense it was still under warrentee, Dell sent me a new one. So I could not log in here at all. That is what happends when you have your life on one computer and you don't save things anywhere else. That is including in your mind. So I am back and happy about that!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for. My grandma made it through the 1st surgery. My kids are alive and healthy. We are in a house that is nice and warm. I have a job, abit part time, but still a job. And I do have a few friends that do care.

I will be cooking tomorrow. Turkey, mashed potatos, sweet potato, green beans, bread, and gravy. I made the pumkin pie today.

And the best news of all, I get to go black friday shopping tomorrow night!!!!!!! Yes, I'm heading to walmart about 2 am. I have a list of things to get for grandma. Then I will be giving her a call about 8am to come and pay for everything. So even though I do not have any money, I do get to enjoy the joy of black friday shopping.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ahhh!!! I'm back. grandma. home. going back?

Well I tried for the last 4 days to post a new blog. Cept it would not work. So very frustrating when you DO want to post. So where to start...

Well grandma came home on Sat afternoon. She is not the same. This I see, but I dont know who else does or does not. Some of it others are seeing, and I know she is not seeing all of it. Her mind is not what it was, remotely. She does not remember things she said the day or minutes before. Or she remembers things when we were kids, but its like its going on now.

She has issues with her bowls. And they have done somethings for it (surgery and hospital stay) but it has not stopped the issues. I honestly think she needs to go in over that and other things, but she wont. She says they wont take care of it. :sigh: I dont know what to do.

Kids are doing pretty good with thier school. I did get a increase in hours at work. PTA is going. Scouts is great.

Well i need to get some sleep, as i do have to work tomorrow. More comeing...

xoxo, T

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update and prayers...

Well, i am home for the first time sense this am. I'm wore out. I have spent most of my day at the hosptial.
Update: well this am she was not doing any better. But tonight, she was able to eat cream of chicken soup. YEAH!!! she had 2 bowls and it stayed down!!! i'm so freaking happy over that. And the dr. told her she can get up and walk, so she did in the hall. she made 3 trips up and down the hall with me and she was doing soo good. she even broke a sweat! I littlerly clapped my hands when she did.
So tomorrow, she will work up to eating NORMAL food. and if she can do that, and keep walking with no more problems, she could be home this weekend!!!
A few prayers:
keeping grandma in your prayers, of course.
Prayers that my brother will clean up the FILTHLY kitchen he made. and to stop eating allt he food up! i cannot keep food in this house at all.
prayers that my aunt is keeping okay and that grandpa will keep paying for where she is staying at. I cannot keep her here with me because of work and i just cannot do it. there is not enough of me to do so.
and prayers for the kids. boo is so scared about grandma (i keep taking her each day to see her) that she is not sleeping well and is acting out in school and at home. Austin is tooo quiet, which means he is worried (he gets that one from me).
and me. i keep going and about 4pm i really feel like i cant make another step. tonight, i did not have enough cash to get me dinner. i went all day with no food (like yesterday) and you guys know i cannot do that, i'll end up in the hospital. So i was going to get some beef bretos from taco bell. but i had to feed the kids first. so there was just not enough money. So on the way home at 9pm i got a steak from the store and i'm now eating it. its taking all i got to just do what i have to do, and now i need to keep doing more. And i dont know how to do it.
thanks, and a new update will be done tomorrow at some point.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rock Climbing. Check. Surgery. Check.

And so life moves on. Check.

We went rock climbing on friday night with the scouts. THAT was fun. I am so going to be the adult going again next year! We climbed from 9 pm to 5 am. Made for a long night, but really fun. We drove home at 5:30am Saturday. From there we did sleep for a bit then I got up to take my neice with me to get Alexandria. From there we just went to do some shoping and then came home.

Sunday was filled with church, church meeting, taking aunt to a board and care home. then home to chill for the night.

Monday we were up at 6am to take grandma in for her surgery. While she was being checked in and set up to go, Austin walked acrossed the street to go to school. Then I ran Alexandria up to her school. Came back to the hosptial and went with grandma up to the OR floor. They started to put her under, and had me wait out in the waiting room. Darn hospital is one of the only ones left that does not offer wireless net for those that are waiting. :( so i read 2 books. Okay nearly read 2 books. I did manage to read, "A Case for Christ". pretty good book and i'd reccomend it to everyone. And i'm almost done with my next book. Oh and this weekend i did finish "The Last Lecture" that book is one EVERYONE should read.

So when she was done with surgery, and came out just fine I left for a very short bit to go grab a bite to eat. Then came back to wait forever for her to get a room for the night. Finally that happened about 4pm. Went up to check on her and make sure she was okay. Got her all settled and chatted with her nurse a bit. which i was none too thrilled with the nurses or drs. Went home and dealt with the mess with the care home my aunt was in. Switched her out and made sure she was in a safe place.

FF to today. Got up and dealt more with the situation with my aunt. Then went to the hosptial with the kids. Well got there and she was sleeping. I talked with her old nurse. She said it was okay to bring in the kids. so the kids woke her up a bit. They came in and talked with me and checked her out a bit. then her Dr came in. took off her bandaids and said she could go home after lunch. I was SHOCKED to say the least. They told me on Monday it would be wed before she would be home. So i go to take care of Austin because he had scouting things to do today. then i went and got grandma's van. Got back to the hospital and they had her all but dressed and out the door. So i had got her dressed and then I took her home.

So now we are up to tonight. Got her pain meds. i'm still not sure she should be home. she is not steady on her feet. can only be up for maybe 1 hour max. And she wants to bring my aunt home tomorrow. and i just dont have it in me too keep all this up. plus i will be working this week. Can i go crawl into a hole now and wake up when life is back to my normalness?

xoxo, T

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Um... Yeah..

So quick update... I promise to come back and fill you in on all of it. There was in school suspention, car explosion, fights, stedy hours at work, sickness and more. But here is what happened today.

did color gaurd with the boys scouts for our Band Review. Came home and tried to nap. Was not allowed to nap (dont people around here get i dont sleep at night?!!?!?) Finally got up and stayed up and cleaned the kitchen. Cooked some cookies (chocolate chip, sugar cookies and peanut butter). Then went to the library. check out 3 books for each of us. Came home made dinner. ate dinner. while dinner was being ate, listed to my brother breate grandmother. did dishes. then brother got in my face. called 911. cops came. kicked him out. told grandma "do not let him back in". Cops left after making him leave. he called less than 15 min latter. breating her on the phone. she (after about 5 min) gives the phone to me. i hung up on him when he called me a b..... He showes up 5 min later and she freaking lets him in. and now he is back. Cops told me to get a restaining order on him. to make him stay gone if she wont make him. But that would put a fight between me and her. I dont know what to do.

So I'll be back, as you can read... today was a long day. time for sleep as i have church tomorrow.

xoxo, T

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trick or Treating...

So today was the day that our Downtown businesses had a "Safe Trick or Treat" day. So I got the girls all dressed up and took them there. Alexandria was a princess and Lea a cheerleader.
At first Lea was a bit shy about going into the businesses or walking up to those out front. But once she got that candy she got going! Here are the rest of the pictures I took today.
Getting candy! Photobucket
I got this now!!!!Photobucket
More candy Please! Photobucket
I want it all!Photobucket
Thank you. Photobucket

And while I'm at it....

My friend Lisa posted these questions on her blog, you can find it here.
1. Are you solely relying upon the mainstream media for your political information in this election?Nope i dont.
2. Have you personally done your own homework on the candidates?Yes i have done a lot of research on all the candidates
3. Did you find several rumors on any candidates that were untrue by your own searching?Yes there were some that were not true.
4.Did you find several hidden facts on the candidates that the media seems to be hiding/are unwilling to report? Very much so that I was nearly suprised. But then, I thought about how many times MSM says one name over the other and my suprise was gone.
5. Are you voting for your political party simply because you've always followed that party religiously?No. I just now became a reg. Republican. Before that i was independant and before that i was dem. Never have voted my party line.
6. Did you know that a political party isn't a Biblical mandate and that you are free to select another party?yep. i just about always do.
7. Do you feel that the media has their own agenda? yes.
8. If so then why allow yourself to continue to follow their influence? And i dont, so why is there not a question regarding why I dont allow myself to follow their influence.
9. Are you 100% positive that the person you're voting for is who God wants in office? I think so. but who am I to know the mind of God. So after I prayed I sent in my vote for prez.
10. Which candidate do you think Satan DOES NOT want in office?
a. Obama
b. McCain
c. Baldwin
Come to any conclusions? that as long as I stand fast in my belifes that I will be doing better than the next one.

Too. Much. Info.

Do you ever feel like you head will explode due to too much information? How about because you feel so strongly on one subject but there are so much misinformation out there that you can't see straight? I think I'm having one of those nights.

There is so much out there about this election. And I'm tired of it. I'm tired of hearing about it. I'm tired of reading about it. Just plain tired of it.

Then, because I do live in California, our hottest election prop to date is Prop 8. It has got people arrested, students aginst one another, recalls done by student body, damage being done to signs. People say if you vote yes on 8, you hate gay's. People say if you vote no on 8, you hate tradional marriage. Honestly, I could not tell you if the vote no point of view is right. I can tell you those that say if you vote Yes, that you hate gay's is not true. I am one of many that are voting Yes on Prop 8. I do not hate gay's, they are people just like me. I do not agree with their lifestyle and I choses not to force what they do upon my children. I am voting yes on it because I do not think what they chose to do in their lifestyle is okay to be forced upon others. I do not force my lifestyle on anyone, why should anyone else have that right?

You wont hear me much coming out on politics. But on some things I will. Prop 8 is one of them.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday is over and all is well

Or as well as it can be. I did manage to get everything done and more! Austin is safely off camping on the beach. I have my neice in bed next to me at the moment. Boo is in her bed as well.

Grandma did go to the dr today and he was actually there. She will get a call on Monday telling her when they will do operation #1. They are doing 2 of them. It will take apx 2 month to do both and recover fully as long as NOTHING goes wrong. And I am believing that nothing will go wrong.

Tomorrow we are going downtown to trick or treat at the local businesses. That shall be fun and i'll be sure to take some pictures and report back as to how it goes. I'm going solo with a 4 year old and an 8 year old. THAT would be some fun!!!

xoxo, T

Whew... I'm glad that is over

Well almost. This week has flown by. Its hard to think its friday already. I mean, really where did this week go?

Monday.... well darn i dont remember what happened on monday.. it was so long ago.
tuesday. delt with scout popcorn, and scout meetings. Oh and dance. :) and work.
wednesday was work and church.
thursday was a day of cleaning and running. and dance.
Friday is going to be a day...

Get up and take kids to school. Come home and clean my room, perhaps nap. Work on some scrapbook pages (i promised to get SOMETHING done with that). Kids out of school, run to get one from one school then other side of town for the other. Pick up my darling neice. take austin to the church so he can go to camp. then home to eat.

Its been such a long week that i cannot remember at all what i did this week. lol. Grandma goes to the dr today... i hope her dr is there and they figure out what they will be doing. So that is it for now. I'm sure there is more, but I need some sleep. Oh and i broke 2 toes today. You dont want to know how. Just put it this way, its all Austin's fault.

xoxo, T

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taking care of buzness...

So I have spent the last few days just taking care of business.

Alexandria's toes had 3 worts on it and they had to cut/frezze them. THAT was not fun and I pray she never gets them again. That is one of the most painful things I think I have ever had to watch my kids go through. And she has to go back the 27th for a check up. FUN. And she will get 2 shots. MORE FUN! Did I ever mention that my loving daugher... hates. shots. with. as. much. passion. as. she. has! Really.

Popcorn sales are over for the most part. Thankfully. Too bad we are really stuck with a lot of one kind of popcorn :( But we'll figure it out, that I am sure of. Austin did really well in popcorn this year. $1200 in sales. Now its wreaths and swags.

Other than that not much going on. Tomorrow will be a very busy day. Going all over 2 towns to take care of a ton of errans. And grandma is going with because some of it is stuff to get ready for her surgery and having all the legal stuff in order. Fun. Fun.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, end of the week thoughts

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. Which brings to mind new thoughts as well as the old.

This past week has been a full week. Finished settleing in at grandmas. Got a job and all the pre-hire stuff done. Did 4 site sales this weekend. Birthday party for my neice. Redid some things on grandmas house. So that was a busy week.

The week ahead is looking quite busy for us too. Monday is Dr apt., stoping by work and getting my schedule. Tuesday is dance and scouts, work and school. Wed is work, school and church. Thurs is work, school and dance. Friday is work/school. I'm sure there is more but i'll update that as the days go on.

So that is it for now. I am quite tired as i had hardly any sleep this week. More to come on Monday!

xoxo, T

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its Thursday... a week goes by quickly

Well this will be short and sweet. I have a dr appointment at 8am and its 10 am already. So i need sleep. So quick update...

Fingerprinting... done and back already. Paper work ready to turn into school. Will have TB test read after 3:05pm tomorrow.

Grandmas dr apt... has been delayed yet again. now we are looking at another week if not more before she gets seen.

Popcorn site sales are this weekend. So i will be gone for the whole time. Oh and its my neice 4th birthday weekend too. So i'll be back on Sunday i'm sure.

Have a great weekend...
xoxo, T

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday, not just another day

So today started off like any normal Sunday. Got up and ready for church. Went to church and sang for a while. Then we had service. Afterwards Austin went home with a friend. Alexandria and I went to the Street Fair.

While there we ate lunch. Got some McCain stickers and wore them... And then walked home. Had a few Dem's wanting to "enlighten" me about the other guy. Yeah I know enough that I will not be voiting for him.

Then we came home for the day. So we thought. Went to Kmart and got a few things there. Then waited for Austin to come home. Grandma wanted to hit Walmart and get some things there. Well we got birthday presents AND christmas (some) taken care of. Now we are home. Its been a long day. and Tomorrow i get my most darling neice. So i'm out for the night

xoxo, T

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday... just a sorta normal fall day

It started with rain. Not a lot. Yet enough to see the dirt on my white car. It needs a bath. With bubbles.

Next was not wanting to get out of the bed. It was warm. Outside was wet and cool. I wanted to stay in bed. But we had other plans. See there is less than 2 weeks till the end of Boy Scout Popcorn sale. And we had a sell this am. So I had to get up and go.

We went. Sold some popcorn, but not enough. Not nearly enough.

I get that the economy is bad and people dont have money. Everything is tight everywhere. But we have to sell. Because if we dont sale, we still have to pay for the popcorn. And we (troop) just do not have that kind of money. And I'm already tired of selling. I'm tired of the boys not having a good attitude about it. I'm tired of parent thinking that they have every right to do what ever they please.

Just tired.

So the popcorn has to be sold and now. So we keep on selling.

Upside is that I'll be starting work in just over a week. I am just so very happy about that. I get to work with kids, which I love. I get to have a "fun" job for once. And I am due.

Now I had best get to sleep... as there is church tomorrow and another full day.

xoxo, T

Friday, October 3, 2008

The move is done and other news

Well its done. We are now living at grandmas. Here is how it went.

Wed. I wake up at 5:45am. Get up and start packing up the computer and such. Thought to check my email one last time. Hmm. That is odd. I have no internet. Go to pick up the phone. Even odder, no phone. I set up with ATT that my phone would turn off at 7PM. Yet they shut it off before 6AM! How annoying. Now how am I to know when or IF people are coming by to help with the move. So I then open the front door to see when my grandma was coming with the kids and my Aunt (grandma had testing that am so I had everyone). They show up and grandma leaves. Then the other person living up stairs steps out and I asked to use her phone to call a friend.

So over comes M and with her boys. We leave the boys at my house (2 of the 3) and go to the storage place to make the payment and get the truck. See the place that I'm using offers free first months rent (have to pay the admin fee and ins. fee) and free use of their moving truck as long as you replace the gas you use. Well that just cost me a total of $39 for the whole move.

So we get this truck. Mind you I drive a small Honda Civic. I love my little car. I just zoom around town doing what I need to do. No worries about how long I am or what not. Well not the same in this truck. First problem was trying to figure out which key would make the truck work. Got that figured out and then it was, Can *I* reach the gas pettle. Its a 1993 truck and the gas pettle was in the MIDDLE of the truck. :Sigh: Now that we got all of that figure out. Time to drive. So I have to back up. I'm praying the whole time, please dont let me hit someone/something! Luck for me one of the boys is with me to help me see things. So we get out of the parking spot with out having to hit a thing.

Next is driving down the road. Again its a 1993 moving truck. Like a U-Haul but not. IT HAS NO POWER at all. We are driving down a country road and the FAST it can go is 45 mph. and this sucker is big, long, wide. I finally get to my condo and the next fun part is backing up to park it. NOT FUN! with the aid of 4 people i got it in without hitting anything.

Then its time to unload the condo. Everything is packed so its pretty easy. But up and down the stairs. That is not fun. and heavy belongings, even less than fun! A few hours later, its unloaded. and the truck is full. Only thing left up stairs is the last bit that needs to go to grandmas. That will be the 2ed load.

So 2 of the boys and I go to storage, while the other one with M meet me at storage. We get there (after a fun drive and people thinking they cannot see me driving this HUGE truck!) and start unloading. And it was quite hot. So it took about 1 hour to unload the truck and load storage. Next trip back to the condo to get the garage unloaded and the stuff to grandmas.

That trip of loading up the truck, was pretty much done by me and one of M's oldest sons. And we got it done. took about 1 hour to load, and 45 minutes to unload at 3 stops. And we were finally done.

Went to church that night. And came home to grandmas, set up the computer and put some things away. Then fell asleep.

Thursday I worked on grandmas yard that was really negleted. Was on the local news. And took Boo to Ballet class. Oh and got a job at Boo's school. :) part time to full time some days.

Friday I went and did errans with grandma. And then did a site sale with the boys for Scouts. Now its nearly midnight and we have a sell at 10am. So Its time for some zzz's and I'll be back to more "normal" posting now.

xoxo, T

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday.... almost my last night

home. In my home that is. This is night 2 with no kids. Which has been nice. I have needed the break. I get a quiet moment before the real crazyness starts. and the house is nearly packed. i keep saying that but its true. I'm moving boxes in my sons room. Because his room is empty. All of that went to grandmas already.

So in goes the boxes. and i need to fill up more. All boxes that go to storage will go in his room. All boxes that are left to go to grandmas go in my closet.

Its strange, being here. Knowing that in a few days I wont be. In a few days i'll be in a bedroom that will act like part of my home.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I'm at the point i cannot take anymore from anyone. I am going to try to get tomorrow night off. I'm at the point if you just look at me funny... and your gonna annoy me. I need a break or i'm going to blow. I just need it to be quiet for a bit. :sigh:

Moving date is still 10/1. We'll be ready to go by then... but will we have the help? But i cannot go there. i cannot think any longer on anything. I just need a break.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well I am 98% packed

and will be finished when I do move. I had some wonderful ladies come and help me pack this am. So we finished packing nearly everything. The main things that are left is sorting out my bedroom (not hard, mostly clothes and some toys, and i have most of that done already) and a few dishes and such so I can cook and keep us with some food. :)

Today, after our packing party, I went to my grandmas to unpack what has gone there so far and sort things out for her. Then I picked up my son from school.

I got ahold of the phone co. and my phone and net is set to go off at 7pm on the 1st. But i have the net set to go on at grandmas on the 29th of this month. Pretty good! Oh and my email wont be changing which is even better!

Found out some, what can be bad news, about grandma today. She has been really sick for a few months now, but they could not figure out what was going on. Well they did a sonogram on her arteris in her neck. they are all blocked. Tomorrow she goes for some testing to make sure her body can handle the sergery. If it can, then she will have it soon, maybe even this week. So for those that read this and pray, I covet the prayers for you. For those that see me or call, the kids DO NOT KNOW and i'm keeping it that way until we know more.

For now, I will finish watching the DB special and then go to sleep. Oh and Alexandria is sell books for missionettes, so she can go to camp and to Disneyland for the FIRST TIME EVER next summer. If you want one, let me know. And Austin still has popcorn sells going on.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Its Tuesday night already!

So I have been busy. Sunday we had church, then tried to sell popcorn for our Scout fundraiser. No luck! :( Then back to church for a business meeting and party.

Monday was moving some things to grandmas house, and packing. Then I had parent teacher conferance. Alexandria did REALLY good with her grades. Very proud of the girl. Reading is her trouble and that will be fixed i'm sure with tutoring. After that we had a meeting for scouts. Our last Monday night meeting.

Today... Well in the morning i spent cleaning the house. Then I had to take care of setting up the church room for our scout meeting tonight. Got Alexandria from school early out day. Came home and a friend from church came to help pack. She was there from 1pm to just before 3 pm. We got the kitchen, books, things off the walls, movies and most games packed today. WOW! its a lot, imo. Then scout meeting and now i'm home.

Tomorrow.... i have 3 people coming over between 8:30 and 9am to help pack. I think we can get the rest done tomorrow. And if that is the case... GREAT! Then no worries beyond that till the actual move day which is Oct. 1st.

I may be hit and miss over the next week or so with the packing and moving. I'm sure everyone that reads this, understands.

If you guys can, keep in prayers that i can find some people to help move the big/heavy stuff. Right now everyone i know are working on the 1st and cannot help.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

And the packing starts.....

So last night I could not sleep. I really tried. But I was totally unsucessful. So instead of waisting my time, I got up. I made a list of what must go to grandmas. Because it would be really bad if my school books or the kids school stuff is in storage some place. So I made my list. I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but as i find stuff that will come along.

After I finish with my list, i started to sort out our bedroom. We have been here for just under 3 years. We have way more stuff now than we did 3 years ago when we moved in. How does one aquire so much stuff in so short of a time and where in the heak did i put it all!?!?! Anyways, sorting out the bedroom took until 5am. It was not finished at that time but i was.

Slept until 8:45am. Must. get. out. of. bed. Sigh. Had to go pick up Austin at 10am from his scout thing. Then took the kids to grandmas. Talked with her a bit. Then went to the storage place. Got a short story to tell you about that.

So I get there for my 11am appointment. Lady is busy. She said she will call her assistant. Okay by me. I was not in any rush but its okay. So her assistant calls and says he is on his way up there. Well in walk this very good looking guy. Really nice too. I look like crap! Sigh! Anyways, we go in the golf cart and look for storage units for me. Storage 1, too small. Storage 2, leaks. Storage 3, woohoo! Third time is the charm.

All the while we are chatting. He is really nice. So we go back into the office and fill out the paper work. Had to do finger prints. Left and right pointer and right thumb. Cept for me. My right thumb is totally swollen and in pain. So he let me use my left thumb. :) Have my storage reserved, truck reserved (free moving truck, just pay gas!), all set for 9:30 am Oct 1. So final.

Go back to grandmas. Out to lunch again. Sarah Palin is on CNN so I tell the kids to hush and eat quielty as I watch/try to listen. Next out to walmart. Got a few things for grandmas house that she needed. And a few new clothes for the kids. Then back to grandmas. Finished moving things around for the most part. Still have a few things that need to take down and such but that will have to wait until my hand is healed up.

Then we came home. Spent the last few hours packing. I'm packing my scrapbooking stuff. Oh man it kills me to pack it up! and I have 2 med. size u-haul boxes full of them and there is still more. Where did all of this come from? Yeah i know, i bought it. lol

So tonight a bit of clean up. I'm done with the packing for today. Oh Alexandria cleaned out both of her toy boxes and got all that sorted. So that is done. Austin was told that if he does not do his room it wont go to storage. Its only fair that he is nearly 13 years old that he can pack his own stuff. I have the rest of the house to pack.

Luckly for me I shall get some help on Tuesday. Hopefully on Monday i can get the stuff that cannot be packed to grandmas so it does not end up in storage.
More for tomorrow.

Yes, we are moving! Less than 2 weeks

Well in less than 2 weeks we will be moving in with my grandmother for a few months. Not really what we all want to do, but it is what is best for now. I can have time to find a job that pays well, get all the debt gone and get us back on our feet.

I found a storage place to store our stuff that will not fit in grandmas house. First months rent free! Can't beat that. We will move everything into storage on the 1st. In the mean time we will be packing.

Today I spent the day making phone calls for us to do what needs to be done. I also took Austin to help out at a Cub Scout event. I'm hoping he is having a great time and is not too cold! He is spending the night there in a tent. I pick him up tomorrow at 10am.

After taking Austin there, Alexandria and I went to grandmas to help start getting her house ready. We got there and she took us out to dinner then we went back to her house. I put together the bunk bed set that she bought today. That is what Alexandria and I will be sleeping on for the next few months. I'm sooo going to miss my bed!

Well its now just after midnight and I am very tired. I'll try to update more tomorrow. I am going to start packing more and cleaning. I have a few people that are willing to come help pack (for that i'm grateful for) but the house is NOT clean or in any order. And the stuff that cannot go into storage need to be taking out of here before I have anyone come help. So I have until Tuesday to do all that in.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


So some days you can get ran over by life. Those days, when its not a good one, it feels like a Mac Truck hit ya. That is how I have been feeling for a month now. I need to snap out of it. And I think I just may be.

No I dont have any real solution for my situation. But there is one out there. And I'll walk in faith on it. Looking at everything realisticly I need to sit down and talk with grandma. Either she or I will have to talk with grandfather. Not something I want to do. So I'm going to talk her into talking to him for me. Sorry but the man is mean, and no matter how strong I am, I cant keep up the front with him. So the plan for tomorrow is to go talk with her. See what she thinks.

I know I cannot stay here. It hurts more than anyone knows to have to move. But there is no choice. There is just way too much debt and no money coming in. I am hoping by tomorrow to have a better idea as to what I will be doing in just over a week when we have to move. I need to make a fresh start and if that means giving up my freedom of my own place, so be it. I have to look for what is best for me and for the kids. I hate it. But I have to be the adult here.

Lucky for me, the timing on this is when the kids are on vacation. Yes, you read that right. In a week, they are on vacation for 2 weeks. Amazing I know. But they have been in school for over 8 weeks and they are due for Fall break. That is how our schools work. Monday I go to my daughters school for Parent/Teacher conferance. At that time, I am hoping to get a true picture as to how she is really doing in school.

So that is what is going on for now. I pray that when I come to update tomorrow, I have something positive to update with. And something that is a good thing for me and the kids. Have a blessed night.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I know... i'm not good...

at updating... but here is one...

I know it’s been a while that I have sent out an email update or updated my blog. Life kind of got in the way there a bit.

Here is what is going on.
I did finally get a call from the School District about the jobs at Alexandria's school. Looks like they are considering me. So I’m asking everyone to keep on praying that they will pick me. I keep going on job interview after job interview and not being called in for the job. It’s very discouraging.

Home wise… Well the check I have been waiting on is on its way FINALLY. But it just may be too late. The rental company already filed for eviction. I am fighting it because I don’t want to move and I will have the money soon. In the mean time, they have filled and we go to court on the 29th of this month. I’m trying really hard to walk in faith on this. But it’s hard to do. If the judge says no… well we have no place to go. There is no room at grandmas. And having eviction on my record with not the best credit, It’s unlikely that I can find any company to rent to me. So if anyone knows of anyone that has places up for rent, please let me know. If I do get this job, I can afford up to 800 a month in rent. I do need a 2 bedroom minimum. I would dearly appreciate prayers that the judge will let me stay with rent being paid and that the company fixes the A/C that I have gone without for several years and the other problems that are here.

Both the kids are doing very well in school. Austin did make honor roll for the first quarter. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as things go along.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Money, this, that and the other

Well nearly a week after I posted the last post. Nothing much has changed. Cept now I refuse to drive my car. I have to get rides everwhere. I dont take the chance that the car is taken from me.

Today the rental company called. I did not get to the phone in time. But they did call. They did not leave a message. But I'm two months behind on rent. They want the rent. I want to pay. But I don't even have $1 to my name.

I have been trying to get in at a temp agency here in town that gives the typing cert. for free. My daughters school is hiring for a part time job. 4 hours a day. With the pay rate that they are paying i can afford to work there and NOT have to worry about day care. But I need to have that typing cert. and they will not accept the internet ones. So tomorrow, at 9am i'm going to sit there till have to go to the dentist and GET IT DONE! I have reconmindations to work there too. From those that are current teachers and staff there.

So in the mean time. I need money to come in to pay rent ($1450) and Car ($1311.50). If those to get caught up and I get the job at the school, the worries and stress will be over. Then we can sleep a bit easier at night. I ask all that read, pray. Pray it comes in, MUCH sooner than later.

And while I have you here... I go at 11am to have the last 2 wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. prayers it goes as well as the last ones. Prayers needed that Austin's glasses get found. And that he can get his act together and actually DO his school work, and do it correctly. His grades (yes 3 weeks into school) are not ANYWHERE they should be at. Alexandria is struggling with reading. Mostly because she chooses NOT to do the reading. She is capable of doing it. She just rather battle me over it.

That is it for now. Its above 100 degrees and its too hot here. C-ya

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things Could be worse... that i know

But at this point i feel as if we have hit bottom. The gas has been turned off. Car is up for repo (and its nearly paid off). Rent is 2 months past due. and still no job in site. I applied everywhere, but nobody is hiring. Temp agencies are not having any luck. Life sucks sometimes, you know?

Not my usually uplifting update... i know... but i'm down. Actually i'm worse than down. I'm so far gone that words dont begin to discribe it. I thought that this year was going to be a good year. It started off that way... for 3 months. but the world is hurting. Hurting for food, money, and love. So we all feel the affects. The kids need clean clothes and clothes that fit. They need school supplies. They need a roof over their heads and a way to get to and from school. They need a mom that is better than me.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

One week down... how did it go?

Well, the "first" week back to school is done with. How'd it go you ask? oh great! lol

Let see, I had one wisdom tooth extrated (yeah that is why i'm not so "wise" anymore!) on monday, was totally out of gas for the week, and both the kids started school. Boo is going to school around the corner from where we live (like 2 blocks max) and Austin is about 2 miles from here. Its acutally just shy of 2 miles or he could catch a bus.

So this week it was prayerfully met. The tooth pulling went well (see older blog postings to read). I, thankfully, was able to ask kindly for a ride to school each day for Austin from our old Youth Pastor. That family is the best. He walked to our friends house, M, each day with her son, and she would bring him home later in the day.

I still have my car. Until the refund of my student loans come in, I have to be careful with it. They want the rest of the payments now. Its like only $1300 left (mind you i bought it brand new, 20k car). But its still here, and it now has GAS in it. BTW, gas in the town i live is now down to $3.99 a gallon, which the last time i put gas in the car it was $4.59 a gallon!!! We still have our home, for now, however with it now being past August 1, we are 2 months behind in rent.

Alexandria is making friends left and right at school. She learned that her mom does know what she is talking about when spelling words come home. She had a spelling test this week, and spent NO time studying for it. Because "She did not say we have a test this week, Mommy. So I am not studying for it.". Well I was right and she did have one. So she got a 40%. Lesson learned.

So with the new week comeing, which is the 2ed week of school, we need to get some kind of routine going. I was checking out my friends blogs, and read Cherie's (see on my blog roll for her's). And she was talking about getting into one. We need to as well. Now that we know, more or less, how going to and from school shall work, this is what we will be doing... subject to change with events that come up or when i start work (btw please pray that one of the jobs i have applied at our school district i do get! i despertly need work and want work, just nobody is hiring!).

Mondays: Get up at 6am. Get both kids dressed and ready for the day. Drive Austin to school by 7:30am. Get Alexandria to school by 8:15 am at the latest. Come home and work on my schooling and apply for jobs/interview. Austin walk home with V after school. I walk up and pick up Boo from school at 2:30pm and then go pick up Austin. kids to do homework before they are allowed to do anything else.

Tuesdays: Same as Mondays, but add in there Jazz/hip hop class and Boy Scouts right after that. We are usually home by 9pm.

Wednesdays: the only thing different is we have church at 7pm until September. Then church is 6:30pm to 8:30pm. I have choir practice.

Thursdays: same as mondays, but both my Neice Lea, and Boo have ballet back to back classes. We are home about 7:30pm

Fridays are the same as mondays.

Saturday and Sundays are subject to change each weekend. Must do's are Sundays Church.

So that is our routine. Loosely but that is the best we could nail down.

By the way, have you watched "The Last Lecture"? If not, go to and google it. Its by Randy Pousch. He just died on 7/25/08. It is the most amazing lecture i have heard. And one amazing guy. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friend and expecally his children. Randy, Rest In Peace.

Monday, July 28, 2008

That went a bit better than I thought...

Well the one tooth is gone. The broken one. She said i have to have the other 2 on my left side removed as well. But I can have them done at a later time. That is fine. One tooth right now is MORE than enough for me.

Austin got off to school just fine. Grandma took him sense I am currently totally out of gas. I need to try calling a mom friend of mine to see if she can take Austin in the am this week. I just have to find her phone number.

Alexandria got off to school just fine as well. We walked up there and saw her music teacher (who is also a good friend). Then walked up to her class room and met her new teacher. That went well as well. She seems nice. Went out side for her to play and she ran into her best friend from pre-k, who is now in 2ed grade. So they will be able to play together and have lunch together. That is good.

So it was not as bad as I thought. I have to go back for the other 2 teeth to come out. But that is later on. right now, i need to get thru today and this week.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Tomorrow is the start of many changes and big things. Austin starts his first full day of Middle School. Some don't have the school system like we do. K-6th is elementry school, 7&8 is Middle school and 9-12 is High School. So going to Middle school is a big deal. He will go from only changing for 3 classes to changing for 7 classes. He did get into pre-ap reading, language arts and history. He has his elective this year is Geogophry. So he did get a lot of things he will enjoy and like. Nearly every class is filled with students he knows and likes.

Alexandria goes back to school tomorrow as well. She will be in 3rd grade this year. She has been homeschooled for the last year and 1/2. There were times and have been times still that I question weather or not she learned all she needs to know. But i know that is partly my own self doubt. when she has done any testing by the state she has done exceedingly well. As long as she does not battle the reading part, i think this year will go well. At least i pray for that!

And for me. Tomorrow means I will have 2 of my wisdom teeth removed. If you know me, you know i dont do so well with dentist. I do even less than well when they say remove teeth. And even less when they say "blood", "stiches", and "pain meds needed". I know it has to be done, but still.... I have things to do and a life to lead.

The only upside is I'll finally be out of pain. That will be a first for a few months. And I may have a job. More on that if I do get it. So no posting for me till I'm all better. See you all on the "other" side!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back from Vacation, relaxed and ready to take on the world!

We are back home, safe and sound. Here is our trip story with pictures. Link to full pictures (that have discriptions) at the end.
We had hope to leave about 8:30am but we left around 10am. Drove from her to Melpites and stopped at a mall there to eat lunch and check out a store i wanted to see (will for sure go back!). Then got back on the road. We were almost there (got onto the last hwy) and found out that the streach that we were on was a one lane highway with hairpin turns. It took us about 30 minutes to drive the whole 8 miles of that road.
We finally got at the camp ground headquarters, needing to go pee and a few grey hairs. Here is boo just outside of where you check in.
Then we went to our campsite. Set up the tent and unpacked what we needed. Once everything was set up we went out to explore our area. We found a cool area with a fallen tree making a bridge. Could not cross it but got to see a creek up close. Then boo made friends! And then she climbed the fallen tree!! Then hid under it too.
We went back to camp and cooked corn, chili, and cheesebugers for dinner. After dinner was over we rosted marshmellos and made smores. This all was a first for boo and she LOVED it. :) then we went to sleep (around 11pm) because we were going to get up at 5 am to get to the tide pools while it was still low tide.
I took forever to go to sleep, and heard a few critters outside, but i slept for a short bit. We woke up at 5am and started getting ready for the day. Ate breakfast and then off we went. We had to drive back out on the winding road. Saw some great shots of the hills with the fog just sitting there. We got on this one road (thought to be a short cut) and there was NO straight part to this road at all. We could kiss the ground when we got on hwy 1.
We went to the tide pools at Moss Beach area. Sadly the tide was already well coming in and fast. So it was a short trip. Mostly just saw hermit crabs and muscles and urchens. Boo was given some lessons on seaweeds. She held a hermit crab she named "hermie". then we saw some seals or sea lions. we could not get close enought to tell the differance. They were watching us and the ones still out in the ocean were swimming closer to us and stairing. we thought it would be BEST to leave before they came upon the shore with us. (for those that dont know, they can be deadly to be around. they will attack)
From there, we cruzed down Hwy 1 to Santa Cruz. We thought to stop in Half Moon Bay and went to the State beach there. It was quite cold and windy. Boo worked on making a sand castle. I went to hunt for shells for her. No luck at this beach though. After a bit, it was just too cold and windy, so we left.
Started cruzing down the hwy some more and turned on the cell. there was a voice mail so we stopped on the side of the road. While Mel checked her messages and returned calls, I got out and took some great shots! the cliff i was on gave away easy so i did not go very far out on it or stayed out long.
Then we drove a bit more. Saw a neat looking bluff and cliff. We thought to pull over and check it out sense there was a parking lot. We got some good shots of the ocean. Nice one of boo on the cliff. Another one of me and her. Then I went exploring on the one side close to the ocean. I tried really hard to get wet and fall in. Saw some muscles and a cool cove. Then i hiked back up from that look out point. Then went out over the cove i saw. Mel took a few pics of me out there. Then hiked down the natural dranage and took more shots of the cove (this time i really did try to fall off the cliff to get the shot!) and some of the beach there with the ocean feeding the river.
We saw more seals off this cliff. I tried really hard to get a close up shot from the top of the cliff. I thought i got a good one here. :)
After we were done here (and i saw this PRETTY flower), we got back on the hwy. We saw this old light house and turned off. It was Pigion Point Light House. They have a hostel here that you can stay in. The light house is closed down for rehablitiation. I thought it needed it because of all the rust it had. But you could walk around and get some really good shots of all the pacific ocean and rocks coming out.
We then hiked down to the beach there, because we saw people out sunning. So we thought it HAD to be warm there. And boo really wanted to find some sea shells. boy did we hit pay dirt there!!! Mel and Boo were hunting. I had saw before the different beaches. And from up top, it looked like you could get to all of them. So i just HAD to check it out. I got to see some crabs. Sam stayed hidden under his rock. Bob was chilling on the rock, while Susie was trying not to get her picture taken. (i named the crabs! :))
Boo only saw this crab. It was dead, but at least she got to see one. She found some cool shells. Climbed on a lot of rocks. This is a beach will will be having to go back and seeing this again. There was like no wind and it was warm there. We got a couple of pictures taken of us and a good one of Mel.
We got back on the hwy and ended in Santa Cruz. This is the first time i have ever STOPED there. Oh boy, i'm going back here too. I. MUST. GO. ON. THE. RIDES!!!!!! Anyways, we walked out on the pier. Mel pointed out some stuff to Boo. I could see the mini-light house from the pier. Then Mel showed boo some fish, octopuse and squid (fresh catch! eeewww). Then we walked to the end to see the seals we could hear. I caught part of one. And here we finally found some starfish for boo (main reason we went to tide pools was because of starfish). There was some really big ones. Trying to get the shots of them was hard because they were way down there and not enough light.
From there we went back to the camp site. We wanted to go to the campfire program, but did not make it in time. So we ate, this time corn, chili, and hot dogs. Then we roasted marshmellos again (no smores tonight) and boo had a bloody nose. Which i knew would happen. Me and Mel tried to play some card games that i know, but i could not remember the rules. Then we went to bed.
Got up this am (friday), and packed up the camp site. we had to check out at noon, so we did so quickly. We went on a hike to one of the falls there at the place we stayed. It was not much to see. Then we went to check out and took the "easy" route of the hike where you could see different things. Met Buddy. he is a squarl or a chipmuck. Not sure which. We saw a tree that fell in 1998. we saw a tree that was all burned out and part of it missing. the view looking up was cool.
Then we saw a tree they call the "chimney tree". It was hollowed out on the inside, yet still growing at the top. You could see the sky and a branch if you look up from inside the tree. We then saw the the "zoo" tree. see if you can find any animals in the wood. Then one that the base you could sit or stand on and climb. Then we saw the "mother" of the forest top. Its like over 300 feet tall. And the "father" of the forest. It is apx 2000 years old and the base of the tree (if you were to cut it) would mesure apx 16 feet long. Its really wide.
Then we got to see the base of the "mother" tree. There was a fire years and years ago, that hollowed out part of the tree. Its now growing back. Then there was a medow. It use to be a swamp. they drained it in 1942. made it into a pool. then let it grow back to being a medow in 1956 for health reasons.
From there we drove home. Here is a shot of one of the roads on the way out.
And that was our trip. we all had a really good time. Boo got some bug bites (misquitos), i got a bit of the sun (red face). And we all did not want to leave. there was so much more we wish we could have seen and do. So going back will have to happen.
here is a link to the full photo album. Anything that was lined above has links to a picture from that part of the day.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacation time...

Well not like we ever get to do much with me being unemployeed right now. But we have a chance to take a 3 day vacation. We are heading to the coast and spending 3 days/2 nights camping, hiking, visiting the beach/ocean and tide pools.

I cannot tell you in words how excited my daughter is. She thinks this is better than going to Six Flags like we try to do every year. NOT as good as going to Disneyland. But its up there in her books. I am just happy that we can get away.

Austin is safely off at scout camp. He comes home on Saturday and we come home on Friday. So it will be a nice week for all of us.

I'll post when we get back about what happen, what we saw and did. Oh and pictures. YOU know I'll take a lot of those!

Have a blessed week!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Smoke filled week

This week has been interesting. With all the fires that have been going on for a few weeks now, the valley where we live is filled with smoke. Its got to the point where everyone is told to stay indoors. Well that is a bit hard for our little family to do, when its 100+ here and we have no working air condioning.

Austin, today, is packing for camp (he leaves on Sunday) and is cleaning up on stuff around the house. Alexandria is working on re-picking up her room. We may be leaving when Austin is gone, for a short vacation with a friend of mine to the ocean. Alexandria has only been there 2 times. Once was at midnight for 1 hour and the other time was in SF. So taking her to the ocean will be fun. And hopefully i can get a whole lot more on pictures.

Still no news on a job. I'm keeping the faith that it will come. But some days are harder to do that than others. Rent due, car payment is past due. Yeah, some days are just harder to do.

Upside is that i got one of my papers back on school. I did manage to pull off an A+!!! I have 1 1/2 years to go for my Teaching degree and that just made my week.

Sorry to keep this short, but its warm in the house and its dinner time. I need to figure out what we are eating!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Life... as normal as it can get.... I think!

Well tonight was the last night for VBS. Its over. The 2 camps I help run are DONE!!! Now on to enjoy the rest of summer. Boo had a blast a VBS and with exception of a few minor things that happened she was quite the happy camper. I relised today just how much she has grown in the last 5 years. BTW, this year marked year 5 for me helping at VBS.

So we have Austin's new bike for his merit badge. We will start the biking on Sunday when he comes home. He leaves tomorrow to camp overnight on a battle ship! (fun!)

Fourth of July is next week. We had a plan, but now it has changed. So I am not sure what we are doing yet. But its a week from now, and I think we will deal with figuring that part out after this weekend.

So I hope you all have a great week. I'm off here for now to get some sleep (I hope) and relax!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fire, fire every where

Yes this is California summer. High heat, dry conditions and fires. This year seams like there is more fires than ever before. But I think its just because there is more in the northern half of California, rather than the Southern half. Where I live the closest fire is about a hours drive away. But that puts it quite close to a friends house. Another friend that lives much further north of me has one really close too. Pretty scary. And I am glad its not me.

I suck at blogging. I fully meant to keep this up, but life... you know it just happens. Right now, I'm not working. Job hunting right now is a pain in the butt. Nobody is hiring. I have to much experience to work at fast food and retail (so I have been told). And other places don't have any openings. Money is tight everywhere. Gas prices keep rising, cost of living is increasing. And when will it end? Soon I hope.

My little family has been doing our part. Sense we don't have money to spare, we have been trying to bike more and more. Every little bit helps right? I managed to make a full tank of gas last nearly 3 weeks. And biking as a family makes for some nice family boding time.

Its amazing how much my children have grown over the years. I remember when I was my sons age. The summer before I went to middle school. Excited yet scary. This summer for him, well its packed. He helped run a camp for younger Cub Scouts. The following week he was gone for a week at his own camp. He came back yesterday. Starting tomorrow he helps run VBS. Next weekend is gone on another camping trip. Then we have 4th of July at our lake. From there, July... he has another week long camp, baseball game with camp out and school starting. And he is loving every minute of it. I told him that if he is overwhelmed at any point to just say. We did take one hiking day out already because i think its too much and he agreed. Its so weird to talk with him now. He is getting older and older. Growning some "manly hair" too. lol

Alexandria had her dance recital. She did amazingly well, like usual. She was so pretty all dressed up. She is falling in love with riding her bike all over town and just may be ready to finally give up the training wheels. Now that i got her bike all fixed up! She is blooming and getting so much older as each day passes. The changes are astounding!

Anyways, that is it from our little part of the world. Hopefully i can post some more this week, but no promises. As i do have VBS to run and 2 kids to raise. :) Hope everyone is having a great summer.

Monday, March 31, 2008

A day of Greatness

Today is a day of Greatness in my life. And gratefullness. Today is my daughters birthday. Yep, she is a day older now. This whole weekend was all about her. And I do hope and pray she had a good one.

Let me tell you something, I admire my daugther. There are times i wish I could be more like her. She can look at something that I see as something so wrong and see the silver lining. Take this weekend...

Saturday we get up extra early to take her brother to a scout camp for the weekend. She is really good about going to all this stuff for him and letting him go. We were there for nearly 2 hours...and the whole time she is chatting it up with the boys and adults alike. Just like she is one of them! So they went off on to their camp and home we came. Because I stayed up all night the night before, she let me go to sleep for a bit while she watched her Saturday morning cartoons.

A while later I wake up and we finish getting the house ready for her friends to come over for the birthday party. Once we are done with that we go out and get her cake. Come back and her Papa stops by for a visit. After he left we got ready to go to the Hockey game (part of her party). One of her friends called and said they were very sick. And my little girl, that is not so little anymore, says, "Mommy, We will pray for her! I just know she is so sad she can't be here."

Before we leave we call the only girl that had not came yet. No answer, so we left a message for her to call us. And we leave with my friends to the Hockey game. The game itself was good, our team won. But at the end of the game she got a headache and we left early. She was pretty sad the whole game because nobody came to her party. She is so slective of her friends, so if your invited, its only because she really, really likes you.

On the way home, we stop and pick up the last girl, the only girl to come to the party. And it was a great night for them. They played dress up, sang happy birthday, watched a movie and slept a bit.

Sunday morning came, and up we all got and off to church we went. After church it was just me and her again. We came home and I talked with her about her birthday. I told her that i was sorry it was not all that she had been planning for and hoping for. She looked at me with her big brown eyes, "Mommy, I know you did your best. And this is the best birthday I have ever had. You were here, and I got you just for me. Thank you, mommy and I love you."

What child could have the ablity to say such a thing after not having everything she hoped for and planned for to happen. What adults can say that. I know I could not.

Eight years ago today, March 31st, I gave birth to my very beautiful little girl. I hoped that I could give her a much better life than I have had. And I am seeing this little girl grow up to be a very wise woman, even at 8 years of age she show more smarts than most adults do at 40 years of age.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


So this blog is to track the days in my life. A bit about me. I'm a single mom, er, solo mom that lives in Northern California. I have 2 wonderful, and on your toes, children. Each day is an adventure with them and them with me.

The latest is Dating as a Single mom. There is so much that entails and its an adventure all on its own.

There is the working mom, the scout mom, and the Christian mom... yep lots of hats and that is just to name a few. Stay tuned and join in on the wonderful adventure.