Thursday, August 14, 2008

Money, this, that and the other

Well nearly a week after I posted the last post. Nothing much has changed. Cept now I refuse to drive my car. I have to get rides everwhere. I dont take the chance that the car is taken from me.

Today the rental company called. I did not get to the phone in time. But they did call. They did not leave a message. But I'm two months behind on rent. They want the rent. I want to pay. But I don't even have $1 to my name.

I have been trying to get in at a temp agency here in town that gives the typing cert. for free. My daughters school is hiring for a part time job. 4 hours a day. With the pay rate that they are paying i can afford to work there and NOT have to worry about day care. But I need to have that typing cert. and they will not accept the internet ones. So tomorrow, at 9am i'm going to sit there till have to go to the dentist and GET IT DONE! I have reconmindations to work there too. From those that are current teachers and staff there.

So in the mean time. I need money to come in to pay rent ($1450) and Car ($1311.50). If those to get caught up and I get the job at the school, the worries and stress will be over. Then we can sleep a bit easier at night. I ask all that read, pray. Pray it comes in, MUCH sooner than later.

And while I have you here... I go at 11am to have the last 2 wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. prayers it goes as well as the last ones. Prayers needed that Austin's glasses get found. And that he can get his act together and actually DO his school work, and do it correctly. His grades (yes 3 weeks into school) are not ANYWHERE they should be at. Alexandria is struggling with reading. Mostly because she chooses NOT to do the reading. She is capable of doing it. She just rather battle me over it.

That is it for now. Its above 100 degrees and its too hot here. C-ya

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things Could be worse... that i know

But at this point i feel as if we have hit bottom. The gas has been turned off. Car is up for repo (and its nearly paid off). Rent is 2 months past due. and still no job in site. I applied everywhere, but nobody is hiring. Temp agencies are not having any luck. Life sucks sometimes, you know?

Not my usually uplifting update... i know... but i'm down. Actually i'm worse than down. I'm so far gone that words dont begin to discribe it. I thought that this year was going to be a good year. It started off that way... for 3 months. but the world is hurting. Hurting for food, money, and love. So we all feel the affects. The kids need clean clothes and clothes that fit. They need school supplies. They need a roof over their heads and a way to get to and from school. They need a mom that is better than me.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

One week down... how did it go?

Well, the "first" week back to school is done with. How'd it go you ask? oh great! lol

Let see, I had one wisdom tooth extrated (yeah that is why i'm not so "wise" anymore!) on monday, was totally out of gas for the week, and both the kids started school. Boo is going to school around the corner from where we live (like 2 blocks max) and Austin is about 2 miles from here. Its acutally just shy of 2 miles or he could catch a bus.

So this week it was prayerfully met. The tooth pulling went well (see older blog postings to read). I, thankfully, was able to ask kindly for a ride to school each day for Austin from our old Youth Pastor. That family is the best. He walked to our friends house, M, each day with her son, and she would bring him home later in the day.

I still have my car. Until the refund of my student loans come in, I have to be careful with it. They want the rest of the payments now. Its like only $1300 left (mind you i bought it brand new, 20k car). But its still here, and it now has GAS in it. BTW, gas in the town i live is now down to $3.99 a gallon, which the last time i put gas in the car it was $4.59 a gallon!!! We still have our home, for now, however with it now being past August 1, we are 2 months behind in rent.

Alexandria is making friends left and right at school. She learned that her mom does know what she is talking about when spelling words come home. She had a spelling test this week, and spent NO time studying for it. Because "She did not say we have a test this week, Mommy. So I am not studying for it.". Well I was right and she did have one. So she got a 40%. Lesson learned.

So with the new week comeing, which is the 2ed week of school, we need to get some kind of routine going. I was checking out my friends blogs, and read Cherie's (see on my blog roll for her's). And she was talking about getting into one. We need to as well. Now that we know, more or less, how going to and from school shall work, this is what we will be doing... subject to change with events that come up or when i start work (btw please pray that one of the jobs i have applied at our school district i do get! i despertly need work and want work, just nobody is hiring!).

Mondays: Get up at 6am. Get both kids dressed and ready for the day. Drive Austin to school by 7:30am. Get Alexandria to school by 8:15 am at the latest. Come home and work on my schooling and apply for jobs/interview. Austin walk home with V after school. I walk up and pick up Boo from school at 2:30pm and then go pick up Austin. kids to do homework before they are allowed to do anything else.

Tuesdays: Same as Mondays, but add in there Jazz/hip hop class and Boy Scouts right after that. We are usually home by 9pm.

Wednesdays: the only thing different is we have church at 7pm until September. Then church is 6:30pm to 8:30pm. I have choir practice.

Thursdays: same as mondays, but both my Neice Lea, and Boo have ballet back to back classes. We are home about 7:30pm

Fridays are the same as mondays.

Saturday and Sundays are subject to change each weekend. Must do's are Sundays Church.

So that is our routine. Loosely but that is the best we could nail down.

By the way, have you watched "The Last Lecture"? If not, go to and google it. Its by Randy Pousch. He just died on 7/25/08. It is the most amazing lecture i have heard. And one amazing guy. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friend and expecally his children. Randy, Rest In Peace.