Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trick or Treating...

So today was the day that our Downtown businesses had a "Safe Trick or Treat" day. So I got the girls all dressed up and took them there. Alexandria was a princess and Lea a cheerleader.
At first Lea was a bit shy about going into the businesses or walking up to those out front. But once she got that candy she got going! Here are the rest of the pictures I took today.
Getting candy! Photobucket
I got this now!!!!Photobucket
More candy Please! Photobucket
I want it all!Photobucket
Thank you. Photobucket

And while I'm at it....

My friend Lisa posted these questions on her blog, you can find it here.
1. Are you solely relying upon the mainstream media for your political information in this election?Nope i dont.
2. Have you personally done your own homework on the candidates?Yes i have done a lot of research on all the candidates
3. Did you find several rumors on any candidates that were untrue by your own searching?Yes there were some that were not true.
4.Did you find several hidden facts on the candidates that the media seems to be hiding/are unwilling to report? Very much so that I was nearly suprised. But then, I thought about how many times MSM says one name over the other and my suprise was gone.
5. Are you voting for your political party simply because you've always followed that party religiously?No. I just now became a reg. Republican. Before that i was independant and before that i was dem. Never have voted my party line.
6. Did you know that a political party isn't a Biblical mandate and that you are free to select another party?yep. i just about always do.
7. Do you feel that the media has their own agenda? yes.
8. If so then why allow yourself to continue to follow their influence? And i dont, so why is there not a question regarding why I dont allow myself to follow their influence.
9. Are you 100% positive that the person you're voting for is who God wants in office? I think so. but who am I to know the mind of God. So after I prayed I sent in my vote for prez.
10. Which candidate do you think Satan DOES NOT want in office?
a. Obama
b. McCain
c. Baldwin
Come to any conclusions? that as long as I stand fast in my belifes that I will be doing better than the next one.

Too. Much. Info.

Do you ever feel like you head will explode due to too much information? How about because you feel so strongly on one subject but there are so much misinformation out there that you can't see straight? I think I'm having one of those nights.

There is so much out there about this election. And I'm tired of it. I'm tired of hearing about it. I'm tired of reading about it. Just plain tired of it.

Then, because I do live in California, our hottest election prop to date is Prop 8. It has got people arrested, students aginst one another, recalls done by student body, damage being done to signs. People say if you vote yes on 8, you hate gay's. People say if you vote no on 8, you hate tradional marriage. Honestly, I could not tell you if the vote no point of view is right. I can tell you those that say if you vote Yes, that you hate gay's is not true. I am one of many that are voting Yes on Prop 8. I do not hate gay's, they are people just like me. I do not agree with their lifestyle and I choses not to force what they do upon my children. I am voting yes on it because I do not think what they chose to do in their lifestyle is okay to be forced upon others. I do not force my lifestyle on anyone, why should anyone else have that right?

You wont hear me much coming out on politics. But on some things I will. Prop 8 is one of them.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday is over and all is well

Or as well as it can be. I did manage to get everything done and more! Austin is safely off camping on the beach. I have my neice in bed next to me at the moment. Boo is in her bed as well.

Grandma did go to the dr today and he was actually there. She will get a call on Monday telling her when they will do operation #1. They are doing 2 of them. It will take apx 2 month to do both and recover fully as long as NOTHING goes wrong. And I am believing that nothing will go wrong.

Tomorrow we are going downtown to trick or treat at the local businesses. That shall be fun and i'll be sure to take some pictures and report back as to how it goes. I'm going solo with a 4 year old and an 8 year old. THAT would be some fun!!!

xoxo, T

Whew... I'm glad that is over

Well almost. This week has flown by. Its hard to think its friday already. I mean, really where did this week go?

Monday.... well darn i dont remember what happened on monday.. it was so long ago.
tuesday. delt with scout popcorn, and scout meetings. Oh and dance. :) and work.
wednesday was work and church.
thursday was a day of cleaning and running. and dance.
Friday is going to be a day...

Get up and take kids to school. Come home and clean my room, perhaps nap. Work on some scrapbook pages (i promised to get SOMETHING done with that). Kids out of school, run to get one from one school then other side of town for the other. Pick up my darling neice. take austin to the church so he can go to camp. then home to eat.

Its been such a long week that i cannot remember at all what i did this week. lol. Grandma goes to the dr today... i hope her dr is there and they figure out what they will be doing. So that is it for now. I'm sure there is more, but I need some sleep. Oh and i broke 2 toes today. You dont want to know how. Just put it this way, its all Austin's fault.

xoxo, T

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taking care of buzness...

So I have spent the last few days just taking care of business.

Alexandria's toes had 3 worts on it and they had to cut/frezze them. THAT was not fun and I pray she never gets them again. That is one of the most painful things I think I have ever had to watch my kids go through. And she has to go back the 27th for a check up. FUN. And she will get 2 shots. MORE FUN! Did I ever mention that my loving daugher... hates. shots. with. as. much. passion. as. she. has! Really.

Popcorn sales are over for the most part. Thankfully. Too bad we are really stuck with a lot of one kind of popcorn :( But we'll figure it out, that I am sure of. Austin did really well in popcorn this year. $1200 in sales. Now its wreaths and swags.

Other than that not much going on. Tomorrow will be a very busy day. Going all over 2 towns to take care of a ton of errans. And grandma is going with because some of it is stuff to get ready for her surgery and having all the legal stuff in order. Fun. Fun.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, end of the week thoughts

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. Which brings to mind new thoughts as well as the old.

This past week has been a full week. Finished settleing in at grandmas. Got a job and all the pre-hire stuff done. Did 4 site sales this weekend. Birthday party for my neice. Redid some things on grandmas house. So that was a busy week.

The week ahead is looking quite busy for us too. Monday is Dr apt., stoping by work and getting my schedule. Tuesday is dance and scouts, work and school. Wed is work, school and church. Thurs is work, school and dance. Friday is work/school. I'm sure there is more but i'll update that as the days go on.

So that is it for now. I am quite tired as i had hardly any sleep this week. More to come on Monday!

xoxo, T

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its Thursday... a week goes by quickly

Well this will be short and sweet. I have a dr appointment at 8am and its 10 am already. So i need sleep. So quick update...

Fingerprinting... done and back already. Paper work ready to turn into school. Will have TB test read after 3:05pm tomorrow.

Grandmas dr apt... has been delayed yet again. now we are looking at another week if not more before she gets seen.

Popcorn site sales are this weekend. So i will be gone for the whole time. Oh and its my neice 4th birthday weekend too. So i'll be back on Sunday i'm sure.

Have a great weekend...
xoxo, T

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday, not just another day

So today started off like any normal Sunday. Got up and ready for church. Went to church and sang for a while. Then we had service. Afterwards Austin went home with a friend. Alexandria and I went to the Street Fair.

While there we ate lunch. Got some McCain stickers and wore them... And then walked home. Had a few Dem's wanting to "enlighten" me about the other guy. Yeah I know enough that I will not be voiting for him.

Then we came home for the day. So we thought. Went to Kmart and got a few things there. Then waited for Austin to come home. Grandma wanted to hit Walmart and get some things there. Well we got birthday presents AND christmas (some) taken care of. Now we are home. Its been a long day. and Tomorrow i get my most darling neice. So i'm out for the night

xoxo, T

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday... just a sorta normal fall day

It started with rain. Not a lot. Yet enough to see the dirt on my white car. It needs a bath. With bubbles.

Next was not wanting to get out of the bed. It was warm. Outside was wet and cool. I wanted to stay in bed. But we had other plans. See there is less than 2 weeks till the end of Boy Scout Popcorn sale. And we had a sell this am. So I had to get up and go.

We went. Sold some popcorn, but not enough. Not nearly enough.

I get that the economy is bad and people dont have money. Everything is tight everywhere. But we have to sell. Because if we dont sale, we still have to pay for the popcorn. And we (troop) just do not have that kind of money. And I'm already tired of selling. I'm tired of the boys not having a good attitude about it. I'm tired of parent thinking that they have every right to do what ever they please.

Just tired.

So the popcorn has to be sold and now. So we keep on selling.

Upside is that I'll be starting work in just over a week. I am just so very happy about that. I get to work with kids, which I love. I get to have a "fun" job for once. And I am due.

Now I had best get to sleep... as there is church tomorrow and another full day.

xoxo, T

Friday, October 3, 2008

The move is done and other news

Well its done. We are now living at grandmas. Here is how it went.

Wed. I wake up at 5:45am. Get up and start packing up the computer and such. Thought to check my email one last time. Hmm. That is odd. I have no internet. Go to pick up the phone. Even odder, no phone. I set up with ATT that my phone would turn off at 7PM. Yet they shut it off before 6AM! How annoying. Now how am I to know when or IF people are coming by to help with the move. So I then open the front door to see when my grandma was coming with the kids and my Aunt (grandma had testing that am so I had everyone). They show up and grandma leaves. Then the other person living up stairs steps out and I asked to use her phone to call a friend.

So over comes M and with her boys. We leave the boys at my house (2 of the 3) and go to the storage place to make the payment and get the truck. See the place that I'm using offers free first months rent (have to pay the admin fee and ins. fee) and free use of their moving truck as long as you replace the gas you use. Well that just cost me a total of $39 for the whole move.

So we get this truck. Mind you I drive a small Honda Civic. I love my little car. I just zoom around town doing what I need to do. No worries about how long I am or what not. Well not the same in this truck. First problem was trying to figure out which key would make the truck work. Got that figured out and then it was, Can *I* reach the gas pettle. Its a 1993 truck and the gas pettle was in the MIDDLE of the truck. :Sigh: Now that we got all of that figure out. Time to drive. So I have to back up. I'm praying the whole time, please dont let me hit someone/something! Luck for me one of the boys is with me to help me see things. So we get out of the parking spot with out having to hit a thing.

Next is driving down the road. Again its a 1993 moving truck. Like a U-Haul but not. IT HAS NO POWER at all. We are driving down a country road and the FAST it can go is 45 mph. and this sucker is big, long, wide. I finally get to my condo and the next fun part is backing up to park it. NOT FUN! with the aid of 4 people i got it in without hitting anything.

Then its time to unload the condo. Everything is packed so its pretty easy. But up and down the stairs. That is not fun. and heavy belongings, even less than fun! A few hours later, its unloaded. and the truck is full. Only thing left up stairs is the last bit that needs to go to grandmas. That will be the 2ed load.

So 2 of the boys and I go to storage, while the other one with M meet me at storage. We get there (after a fun drive and people thinking they cannot see me driving this HUGE truck!) and start unloading. And it was quite hot. So it took about 1 hour to unload the truck and load storage. Next trip back to the condo to get the garage unloaded and the stuff to grandmas.

That trip of loading up the truck, was pretty much done by me and one of M's oldest sons. And we got it done. took about 1 hour to load, and 45 minutes to unload at 3 stops. And we were finally done.

Went to church that night. And came home to grandmas, set up the computer and put some things away. Then fell asleep.

Thursday I worked on grandmas yard that was really negleted. Was on the local news. And took Boo to Ballet class. Oh and got a job at Boo's school. :) part time to full time some days.

Friday I went and did errans with grandma. And then did a site sale with the boys for Scouts. Now its nearly midnight and we have a sell at 10am. So Its time for some zzz's and I'll be back to more "normal" posting now.

xoxo, T