Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve...

A lot has happend sense I was last able to post. And its Christmas eve today.

Well as you read in my last blog, I had my laptop stolen from my brother. He still denys stealing it. But just about everyone knows better. A birdie dropped the $ in my lap to replace it, so I am typing to you on my new laptop. Its taking me a bit to get this laptop up to the point my last one was at. After all I had years of work on it.

Sense everything went down, we have moved out of my grandmothers house. She has choose that my drug/gang/stealing brother is better for her to have around than me and my children. She has choose to make my kids feel like they should not be around because all she is doing is yelling and cussing and threatening them. So I thought it would be best for them if we are not there. We are staying with a friend until I have enough money saved up to move into our own place again. Which should hopfully not take much time at all.

Christmas is tomorrow, and we do have some gifts. Friends have got gifts for the kids as well and we will be spending Christmas day with friends as well. It will be nice for the kids I think.

Well that is my Merry Christmas Eve update. Now that I have the laptop (new one), I should be able to post more. Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTmas!!!!!

xoxo, T