Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday.... almost my last night

home. In my home that is. This is night 2 with no kids. Which has been nice. I have needed the break. I get a quiet moment before the real crazyness starts. and the house is nearly packed. i keep saying that but its true. I'm moving boxes in my sons room. Because his room is empty. All of that went to grandmas already.

So in goes the boxes. and i need to fill up more. All boxes that go to storage will go in his room. All boxes that are left to go to grandmas go in my closet.

Its strange, being here. Knowing that in a few days I wont be. In a few days i'll be in a bedroom that will act like part of my home.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I'm at the point i cannot take anymore from anyone. I am going to try to get tomorrow night off. I'm at the point if you just look at me funny... and your gonna annoy me. I need a break or i'm going to blow. I just need it to be quiet for a bit. :sigh:

Moving date is still 10/1. We'll be ready to go by then... but will we have the help? But i cannot go there. i cannot think any longer on anything. I just need a break.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well I am 98% packed

and will be finished when I do move. I had some wonderful ladies come and help me pack this am. So we finished packing nearly everything. The main things that are left is sorting out my bedroom (not hard, mostly clothes and some toys, and i have most of that done already) and a few dishes and such so I can cook and keep us with some food. :)

Today, after our packing party, I went to my grandmas to unpack what has gone there so far and sort things out for her. Then I picked up my son from school.

I got ahold of the phone co. and my phone and net is set to go off at 7pm on the 1st. But i have the net set to go on at grandmas on the 29th of this month. Pretty good! Oh and my email wont be changing which is even better!

Found out some, what can be bad news, about grandma today. She has been really sick for a few months now, but they could not figure out what was going on. Well they did a sonogram on her arteris in her neck. they are all blocked. Tomorrow she goes for some testing to make sure her body can handle the sergery. If it can, then she will have it soon, maybe even this week. So for those that read this and pray, I covet the prayers for you. For those that see me or call, the kids DO NOT KNOW and i'm keeping it that way until we know more.

For now, I will finish watching the DB special and then go to sleep. Oh and Alexandria is sell books for missionettes, so she can go to camp and to Disneyland for the FIRST TIME EVER next summer. If you want one, let me know. And Austin still has popcorn sells going on.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Its Tuesday night already!

So I have been busy. Sunday we had church, then tried to sell popcorn for our Scout fundraiser. No luck! :( Then back to church for a business meeting and party.

Monday was moving some things to grandmas house, and packing. Then I had parent teacher conferance. Alexandria did REALLY good with her grades. Very proud of the girl. Reading is her trouble and that will be fixed i'm sure with tutoring. After that we had a meeting for scouts. Our last Monday night meeting.

Today... Well in the morning i spent cleaning the house. Then I had to take care of setting up the church room for our scout meeting tonight. Got Alexandria from school early out day. Came home and a friend from church came to help pack. She was there from 1pm to just before 3 pm. We got the kitchen, books, things off the walls, movies and most games packed today. WOW! its a lot, imo. Then scout meeting and now i'm home.

Tomorrow.... i have 3 people coming over between 8:30 and 9am to help pack. I think we can get the rest done tomorrow. And if that is the case... GREAT! Then no worries beyond that till the actual move day which is Oct. 1st.

I may be hit and miss over the next week or so with the packing and moving. I'm sure everyone that reads this, understands.

If you guys can, keep in prayers that i can find some people to help move the big/heavy stuff. Right now everyone i know are working on the 1st and cannot help.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

And the packing starts.....

So last night I could not sleep. I really tried. But I was totally unsucessful. So instead of waisting my time, I got up. I made a list of what must go to grandmas. Because it would be really bad if my school books or the kids school stuff is in storage some place. So I made my list. I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but as i find stuff that will come along.

After I finish with my list, i started to sort out our bedroom. We have been here for just under 3 years. We have way more stuff now than we did 3 years ago when we moved in. How does one aquire so much stuff in so short of a time and where in the heak did i put it all!?!?! Anyways, sorting out the bedroom took until 5am. It was not finished at that time but i was.

Slept until 8:45am. Must. get. out. of. bed. Sigh. Had to go pick up Austin at 10am from his scout thing. Then took the kids to grandmas. Talked with her a bit. Then went to the storage place. Got a short story to tell you about that.

So I get there for my 11am appointment. Lady is busy. She said she will call her assistant. Okay by me. I was not in any rush but its okay. So her assistant calls and says he is on his way up there. Well in walk this very good looking guy. Really nice too. I look like crap! Sigh! Anyways, we go in the golf cart and look for storage units for me. Storage 1, too small. Storage 2, leaks. Storage 3, woohoo! Third time is the charm.

All the while we are chatting. He is really nice. So we go back into the office and fill out the paper work. Had to do finger prints. Left and right pointer and right thumb. Cept for me. My right thumb is totally swollen and in pain. So he let me use my left thumb. :) Have my storage reserved, truck reserved (free moving truck, just pay gas!), all set for 9:30 am Oct 1. So final.

Go back to grandmas. Out to lunch again. Sarah Palin is on CNN so I tell the kids to hush and eat quielty as I watch/try to listen. Next out to walmart. Got a few things for grandmas house that she needed. And a few new clothes for the kids. Then back to grandmas. Finished moving things around for the most part. Still have a few things that need to take down and such but that will have to wait until my hand is healed up.

Then we came home. Spent the last few hours packing. I'm packing my scrapbooking stuff. Oh man it kills me to pack it up! and I have 2 med. size u-haul boxes full of them and there is still more. Where did all of this come from? Yeah i know, i bought it. lol

So tonight a bit of clean up. I'm done with the packing for today. Oh Alexandria cleaned out both of her toy boxes and got all that sorted. So that is done. Austin was told that if he does not do his room it wont go to storage. Its only fair that he is nearly 13 years old that he can pack his own stuff. I have the rest of the house to pack.

Luckly for me I shall get some help on Tuesday. Hopefully on Monday i can get the stuff that cannot be packed to grandmas so it does not end up in storage.
More for tomorrow.

Yes, we are moving! Less than 2 weeks

Well in less than 2 weeks we will be moving in with my grandmother for a few months. Not really what we all want to do, but it is what is best for now. I can have time to find a job that pays well, get all the debt gone and get us back on our feet.

I found a storage place to store our stuff that will not fit in grandmas house. First months rent free! Can't beat that. We will move everything into storage on the 1st. In the mean time we will be packing.

Today I spent the day making phone calls for us to do what needs to be done. I also took Austin to help out at a Cub Scout event. I'm hoping he is having a great time and is not too cold! He is spending the night there in a tent. I pick him up tomorrow at 10am.

After taking Austin there, Alexandria and I went to grandmas to help start getting her house ready. We got there and she took us out to dinner then we went back to her house. I put together the bunk bed set that she bought today. That is what Alexandria and I will be sleeping on for the next few months. I'm sooo going to miss my bed!

Well its now just after midnight and I am very tired. I'll try to update more tomorrow. I am going to start packing more and cleaning. I have a few people that are willing to come help pack (for that i'm grateful for) but the house is NOT clean or in any order. And the stuff that cannot go into storage need to be taking out of here before I have anyone come help. So I have until Tuesday to do all that in.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


So some days you can get ran over by life. Those days, when its not a good one, it feels like a Mac Truck hit ya. That is how I have been feeling for a month now. I need to snap out of it. And I think I just may be.

No I dont have any real solution for my situation. But there is one out there. And I'll walk in faith on it. Looking at everything realisticly I need to sit down and talk with grandma. Either she or I will have to talk with grandfather. Not something I want to do. So I'm going to talk her into talking to him for me. Sorry but the man is mean, and no matter how strong I am, I cant keep up the front with him. So the plan for tomorrow is to go talk with her. See what she thinks.

I know I cannot stay here. It hurts more than anyone knows to have to move. But there is no choice. There is just way too much debt and no money coming in. I am hoping by tomorrow to have a better idea as to what I will be doing in just over a week when we have to move. I need to make a fresh start and if that means giving up my freedom of my own place, so be it. I have to look for what is best for me and for the kids. I hate it. But I have to be the adult here.

Lucky for me, the timing on this is when the kids are on vacation. Yes, you read that right. In a week, they are on vacation for 2 weeks. Amazing I know. But they have been in school for over 8 weeks and they are due for Fall break. That is how our schools work. Monday I go to my daughters school for Parent/Teacher conferance. At that time, I am hoping to get a true picture as to how she is really doing in school.

So that is what is going on for now. I pray that when I come to update tomorrow, I have something positive to update with. And something that is a good thing for me and the kids. Have a blessed night.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I know... i'm not good...

at updating... but here is one...

I know it’s been a while that I have sent out an email update or updated my blog. Life kind of got in the way there a bit.

Here is what is going on.
I did finally get a call from the School District about the jobs at Alexandria's school. Looks like they are considering me. So I’m asking everyone to keep on praying that they will pick me. I keep going on job interview after job interview and not being called in for the job. It’s very discouraging.

Home wise… Well the check I have been waiting on is on its way FINALLY. But it just may be too late. The rental company already filed for eviction. I am fighting it because I don’t want to move and I will have the money soon. In the mean time, they have filled and we go to court on the 29th of this month. I’m trying really hard to walk in faith on this. But it’s hard to do. If the judge says no… well we have no place to go. There is no room at grandmas. And having eviction on my record with not the best credit, It’s unlikely that I can find any company to rent to me. So if anyone knows of anyone that has places up for rent, please let me know. If I do get this job, I can afford up to 800 a month in rent. I do need a 2 bedroom minimum. I would dearly appreciate prayers that the judge will let me stay with rent being paid and that the company fixes the A/C that I have gone without for several years and the other problems that are here.

Both the kids are doing very well in school. Austin did make honor roll for the first quarter. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as things go along.