Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthdays and Spa days...

Wowie... its that time of year again. My birthday. But I'll get to that in a few minutes. First I wanted to talk about my spa day today. I went to this place called Planet Beach. Never been there before and have always wanted to check it out. At my sons Spaghetti Dinner, I was given the 2 week pass to there. Today was my first appointment. I LIKED it. So I'm determined to try everything while I'm there. Today we did the chair massage, and i had them set it for deep tissue with a facial at the same time. Oh my, it worked. I started to feel better about 1/2 thur it. Not a huge fan of the facial because the light is uber bright, but I dealt with that. The chair worked from your feet to the head...ohhh it felt good. I knew I was very tense. 20 minutes on the chair and with the faical. Oh and did I menton that I got to listen to music of my choice the whole time? Yep I did. Talk about relaxing you beyond the point of walking.

From there we went to the aqua bed. Its a bed/table thing you lay on, and it has heated water on your backside. You dont get wet at all cuz there is stuff between you and the water. I got 20 minutes on that. I was able to set the settings on what I wanted and put on a deep sea diving video with music and zoned out. Once the 20 minutes was up, I did not want to get up. felt so good, I could have SLEPT there. But up I got and went on to the last bit.

Tanning. In a taning bed. Something I had NEVER done before. And really was not ready to do today. But I did it. And I did it nekked...shocking I know. See that is something I would have never done. Was raised that showing skin like that is BAD, really bad. So tanning nekked was a thing I would have never done before. Not any more!!! I like the idea of NO tan lines and I was not in the least bit uncomfortable AND I was not killed for it. heehee. Oh and I had to buy lotion for taning...and it smells good!!! So two whole weeks of this and I'll be feeling great. I'll be very sad to see it go, as it is totally something I would do all the time, if I had that kind of money. But I dont, so I'll enjoy this two weeks for all its worth.

Back to my birthday. Tomorrow (or in 15 minutes as I type this) is the day. I'll be 31. What am I doing for the day seams to be the question. Here is the answer. NOTHING. I have an appointment at Planet Beach for more spa stuff and then I'm home for the rest of the day. I expect nothing from anyone. I tried the birthday thing last year, and it failed horrably. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to spend my birthday in Napa taking pictures, or do a murder mystery party for my birthday. Those are the 2 things I'd love to do. But I'll be doing nothing the whole day.

Now time for me to get some sleep. My son has to be up at 6 am to leave at 630 to do flags at a special breakfast. Which means I have to be up at 6am to make sure he is too.

xoxo, T

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My tattoos...

I watch LA Ink a lot. When the people that come on to get a tattoo, they tell the story as to why they got that tattoo. Which made me think back to my 3 tattoo's. They really did not have too much of a story as to why, but I know I did not share with the two people that gave me my tattoo's too much as to the reason behind them. I thought it would be interesting to share them here...sense I am thinking about my 4th and 5th one.

Tattoo number one. Its smoke, moon and stars. I have a thing about the moon and stars. At the time I was working night shift. So part of it was because of that fact. But it was mostly because I love looking at the moon and the stars. It reminds me how big the world is and how little my part is in it. It also is just breathtaking most nights. I also got the tattoo because everyone in my family was telling me I could not get one...which is a big mistake by all means. I also made a small discovery that night when I had it gets rid of stress and anger. Here is the first one (my daughter took the pictures):

My second tattoo is a symblo that I was told means strenght. Its in the "tramp stamp" area, but I really dont care. I put it on my back to remind me to be strong. At that time in my life I was going thru a lot of things with my family and I needed that reminder that I'm stronger than them and their issues. Not much of a story to go with it. Here it is:

My last tattoo is my most recent one and my first color one at that. I have always wanted a rose tattoo on my foot/ankle area. It took my boyfriend at the time to piss me off to get it done. I love red roses. I have my whole life. So why not have one on me that I can look at all the time? Made sense to me. Last tattoo:

so that is all of them. My next two that I want is a heart with something (havent figured that out yet) on the inside of my left upper arm. And the other is tink, but not sure where she will be going yet. Tattoo's are very addicting, which sucks because I really did not want to many, but too late now. Anyone of my readers have a tattoo? And a story to share? Leave a comment below...

xoxo, T

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting older... oh the joys!

Or so I have been told. There are "joys" to getting older. I'm thinking not! hmmm... Let see, in less than 2 weeks I'll be a year older. My lovely daugher tells me this morning while we are talking, "Mom, your gonna be old soon". I tell her to be quiet. But that statement got me thinking. I was told recently that the 50's are the new 40's... the 40's are the new 30's and the 30's are  the new 20's...  I'm going to be 31 at the end of the month. So the new 20's right? I should be okay with that. I know this. I think I am.

With the statement coming from my now 10 year old, it sounded weird. It sounded like I am turning 100 years old intead of 31. But like I said, after she said that it got me much I have changed in the last 10 years.

10 years ago, I was divorce/engaged to be married. I just had my last child (aforemention daughter). I thought I had so much time to do so many things. Little did I know, just over a year later I would be divorced. I would land a job I would love and work with a great group of guys who turned out to be very good friends. I would fall in love again, only to have my heart shattered by his sudden and unexpected death. To have my family fall out of my life (my choice). To be truely on my own, with only me to count on.

Who would have know that going thru all of that and more has made me a whole lot reserved. I keep more to myself (even though others may not think that). I can count on one hand who are my dearest friends, ones I would trust with my life or the life of my kids. They are more my family to me than my blood family ever was or ever will be. I have grown up. I'd like to think I'm smarter and wiser. Time will tell on that.

Just rambling of my thoughts I got after my daughter said that. The only birthday that was truly sad for me was my 26th. I knew my time was up on a few things. And its okay. Now I'll be 31 and I'm okay with that and with how my life is going. Things will keep getting better and better. I will not be doing a thing for my birthday this year. I tried that last year...and nobody showed up. So I am over and done with the party thing anyways.

xoxo, T

Monday, April 5, 2010

So frustrated....

This past week or so has been a week of frustrations. It started with waking up one morning with my tire flattend. And of course, it would be a day that i had to take the kids to school and they ended up being late. Thankfully my friend was able to take them. It also happend to be pooring down rain that day, and I have no idea how to change a tire. The good news was the rain let up and someone aided me in changing the tire. Someone else that works at a local tire shop fixed it for free too.

The next frustration was that it was Easter weekend. I really am not overly fond of Easter. Lots of bad things have happened on that day. Sense I have made the choice to take more control over my life, I have made sure we do "fun" things on Easter. Mostly has been going away for the day. Usually to the beach. So that was the plans for this year... weatherman made me change plans. But the upside is that I did get to spend the day with a new friend that I'm very sure will turn out to be a very good friend!

Today was the icing on the cake for my frustrations. I posted just over a year ago about my laptop being stolen, by my brother. Well in that laptop there was YEARS of work that I had did for the Boy Scout Troop that we need to have back. And the only way to get it back is to re-type it. Which is a very long and frustrating process. Some of the stuff I thought I still had but come to find out (after hours of editing and such) that it was ONLY the rough draft that I had been editing. So my hours worth of work today is waisted. Then other forms, I thought a friend had the back up of.... she does not. So now I do have to type these forms out. VERY frustrating! I'm walking away from it tonight, but it will still be there come tomorrow. And I need to have it all done no later than THIS Friday at Noon.

Anyone want to come do this for me? lol... yeah that is not gonna happen. Oh well, till next time....

xoxo, T