Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year looking back 2009

It's been a year of up's and downs. But I am able to look back to look forward....

Flash back to Jan. I made some goals for 2009... and some of which I did meet. I got us back into our own place. I did put money into savings, but had to spend it to keep a roof over our heads. I worked hard at work and school. I got a better job(s). I think I did good about being a better mother and friend (others will need to weigh in on this). I have been a lot more honest and I have said the word "No" a whole lot more. I'll be posting my 2010 goals sometime soon. Last thing that happen was I thought to dip my toes into the dating world for the first time in years.

In Feb. bills got paid and money came in. I found us our own place!!! And that is pretty much all that really happened that month.

March came with us moving into our own place and me meeting a guy I would think at the time I would date for a very long time. Was it love at first sight? I don't know.... at that moment it might have been lust blind. My baby girl turned 9 years old this month!!!

In April I kicked it off with a harsh look at my life on a little bunny trail and then came back the next day with a re-direction and some good introspect. We spend Easter weekend exploring parts of California. I also voiced my thoughts on the complex I think I have about people not liking me. And then I turned 30 years old.

May came and went very quickly... I had some thoughts on the best laid plans and the boyfriend got me a spa treatment which I used and ended up being allergic to. I did some more introspecting into my life and some looks at my stressor's.

June came with the last year of helping run our local Cub Scout day camp and both of my kids went to camp. Then we had a very action packed week with exploring Big Trees, Silver Lake and Boo's ballet recital.

July came quietly into our lives and then sprang into action. I went on my first mini-vacation without my kids. Austin spent 2 weeks at camp and then the kids went back to school.

Aug. rolled right along with back to school activities and a hike in Yosemite!!! The month ended with me getting sick with H1N1.

When Sept. came along, changes came with it. I was working at our local news paper and got another job working for a local hotel. But I manged to jump the gun a bit and bit off more than i could handle. I became so over tired that everything suffered and it ended with even more changes and choices to make. Yet the plan did not go as most best laid plans.

October came with a break up...and a chance to achieve a life-long dream.

November was a crazy busy month with working every day but 2. I enjoyed every minute of it!

When December hit, I could not believe the year had come and gone. I was left wondering where it went to. And then it hit...hard fact to face that my son will be 14 years old.

That is my year in review. Everything is linked so you can read more details if you so choose. Those reading this on facebook please go to my blog to leave the comments if you have any. I like any feedback.

This coming year with my blog it will be a slight change. A bit more personal, honest and blunt. The true and deep thoughts will come out... and some you may not like and some you may. No matter what I do apprecate any words you do leave.

Good-bye to 2009. Hello to 2010 and all that it will bring!

xoxo, T

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


With Christmas upon us... I have been baking. The kids have parties to go to, and snacks to bring. Money is still tight so cookies are gifts this year to my family/friends. Most people that know me, know its a treat.

Hard to belive it but my son will be 14 this Sunday. VERY hard for me to believe that its been 14 years sense I was a teen mom. I know I ahve grown and changed a whole lot sense then, but now that its been so long, it seams forever ago, yet just yesterday. I think about him being 14 and I remember what my life was like back when I was 14. I had just moved back with my mother after living with my grandmother for most of my life. I went from a very rigid life style with no freedom to ultimate freedom. What was a teen to do? Well I partied it up a bit... and ended up getting pg with my son by the time I was nearly 16 years old.

Fast forward to today... My son is in that age. Scary thought! Grant it he has had a whole lot more stable life style than I have EVER had. Still has not had the best, but a lot more stable than mine. I have spent a lot of time in the last few weeks thinking back to that time. The time where I was a teen. How I felt, delt with things. So much to grow from still.

xoxo, T

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I have been quite the busy person...

And have not slowed down yet. Can you believe its already December? I'm having a hard time dealing with that fact. This month brings about a lot of things. Austin will be 14 years old. Christmas. One of my best friends is leaving the country for 2 whole weeks. and other changes that I know are coming but I have to wait to see what they will be.

I should back up a bit and give you an update sense my last post. My trip out of the country is still on. Tha happens June of 2010. I am now working 2 jobs and am VERY happy at both. I decided last month (Nov.) to do bartending school. Figured it gives me something that I can do extra and make extra money at any time. Pretty cool. May be having a few private gigs lined up here shortly. :)

The kids are doing well. Boo starts Cheerleading in January. Austin is working hard on Scouts to get to that Eagle Scout. Couple more weeks and they are out for Christmas break. I can say for me, I cannot wait for them to be out so I dont have to get out early in the morning when its so cold to drive them to school. :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

xoxo, T