Monday, August 13, 2012

Life makes some changes

And with those changes some doors close. Such as this blog. This will be the last blog I post on here. Should you care to keep following me on my new ones I have included the links to them.

I am moving forward with my life. In less than 2 months I'll be married. I'm working on many different projects, including making a page to my photography. I'm traveling more, doing more, seeing more. The next chapter in my life shall be proven fun.

See you all on the flip side!!!!

xoxo, T

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sea Change

I just finished reading this book called "Sea Change" by Jeremy Page. It was an interesting book upon first opening it. Jeremy caught my attention within the first chapter, however it was lost about chapter 3. You meet the main character, Guy from page one. The view point is his along the whole story, or should I say stories? Where the author Jeremy lost me. I felt about half way thru the book that I was terribly lost and reading multiple stories. Towards the end of the book, I started to get a clue that one part of the book was actually a story written by Guy, as he is trying to pave a new way in his life. 

This story is about love, its about loss of those who you love dearly. And in the end…it about love that you have found again, when you think all love is gone. Its about hopelessness and hope. Life that can be lost and yet found. This is not a easy read, or a quick one by any means. I normally pick up a story and don’t put it down. This was one of the ones that could hit quite close to home, and could take a while to read. Jeremy is a good writer, and you can follow along quite well. I just wish it was a little bit easier to read or at least more clear as to the direction he was going in. I do recommend this book, with caution, if you have lost some one dear to you recently, wait a bit before picking up this book to read.

This was a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

xoxo, T

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gonna be the best weekend EVER!

There is too many changes to count on!!! So lets not go into them at the moment shall we?

I am too excited. This FRIDAY I leave for San Diego!!! I haven't been there before and I'm going as a work thing, but I dont care! Its gonna be a bunch of fun. I get to hang out with a long time friend, Linda, on Friday afternoon/evening. She is sooo sweet for letting me crash at her home Friday night! Thanks Greenie!!!! Then Saturday I head the rest of the way to SD and go to CTMH Leadershare! WOOT! Spend the whole day learning how to better market CTMH and all that fun stuff.

Once that is over, I'm making the long drive back up north to home (its only like 8-9 hour drive!)! Because on Sunday I get to spend the day in SF with friends... Ahhh beach anyone? Pier anyone? So totally excited! And the fact that I wont have the kids and spending the day with friends... Life is GOOD!

After 2 very, very, very long stressful months, I think I'm due for some fun and sun and friends. This weekend could not have come at a better time than now. I can relax, enjoy life and go places. Some of my most fave. things I will be doing this weekend.

What are you weekend plans?

xoxo, T

Sunday, September 25, 2011

When life choices are not well met

There are times in life you have to stand up and make a choice. A lot of the time, people do not understand that choice you have made. Those that are closest to you should understand, yet sometimes they are not as close as you think.

I have made a choice that we are going to be moving. Its not an easy decision. It is a long time coming one, however. I have looked at everything from every angle. I LOVE California. But its expensive to live here and it is all I have ever known. There is a lot of good memories and a lot of bad. More and more as the years have gone by...the more bad there has been and less good. I think by moving it would give us the fresh start needed to build lives that are healthy. Without struggling just for the basics and live happy.

There is a lot of good about living in California. I have weight out everything. I made my pro's/con's list. I have looked into the cost of moving, renting there, buying there, jobs that are there... And everything. The Con list of us staying is waaaaayyyyy longer than the pro.

Its not like I'm making the choice to move and that we are moving tomorrow. Its more like 6 or so months from now. I would love for us to be able to stay until June 1 so the kids can finish this school year here. And they can start fresh with a new school year. Austin does not want to go. That is a convo to be had later. Because I dont know where I am standing on it for him.

I'm doing well enough taking it one day at a time... one moment at a time. I just wish more would understand and support this.

oxox, T

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who would have known....

Who would have known that my world was still being shaken up when I wrote that last update. Who would have known that my next update is all the more painful...

Last Tuesday my boyfriend moved out and broke up with me. We were just past the year mark and he was done. I still find it hard to believe that this last two months are nothing but a very, very bad dream. Add to the fact that I have been thinking for years about moving away from here. I have done nothing but struggle and struggle. And I have prayed and prayed about it. I feel like us moving and getting a new start on life would be good. For all of us. A place where there is jobs to be had and cost of living is not sky high like California is.

My son does not agree. He disagrees sooo much that he has already found a place he can move to. And my heart breaks. Everyone keeps telling me I'm a strong person. I feel sooooooo weak right now. I cannot eat. I am not a strong as those think I am. I'm very good at faking strong though.

We will not be moving until March. I can make it til then. My daughter is not 100% happy about it but is very understanding. She agrees that its for the best for us all. Right now I feel like she is the only one that loves me.

so sucks is my life now. In just a very short went from being wonderful and roses to heartbreak and death.... All of it too much in too short of a time.

xoxo, T

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A long time coming

Not sure just how much I will be writting here tonight. Things have been rough. Out of the norm. And not a lot I'm free to talk about in public. And you really dont get much more public than this.

Anyways, Texas vaca was fantastic. So much fun spending time with my BFF and her kids. I really cannot wait to go back. I'll post pictures and details in another blog. 4th of July was a lot of fun in South Shore Tahoe. Things were going just as I had hoped. Very good.

Then August hit and my world was turned upside down. Aug 10, 2011 at about 9pm I got a phone call that half of me knew would come, but never did I think it would be sooo soon. My brother died. He had chrones, and I did not know. He was really sick and I had never knew. And then the cops showed up at my door and said I was next of Kin. Mindblowing.

And sense then its just been dealing with day by day. its been 1 month, 1 week and 1 day and i dont really believe it is true. So I'm sooo sorry I havent updated. And that this is not my normal updating. Because honestly.... I dont even know how i'm doing what all i am doing. I'm sure i'll post more later... but just running in really quick to say i have not forgotten my blog...just life blew me over and i have still yet to pick up all the pieces.

And while i'm here... those that pray, send up a few for me why i make some tough choices.

xoxo, T

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What an awesome Month!!!

June was just an awesome month. VBS went off with out much of any problems. Everyone had a great time and it was a good thing for our church. But I sure worked hard there. After all that was over, I got to pack and head to Texas. That was so much fun!!!! Huston, Katy, Galveston, and San Antonio. I got to spend some much needed time with my BFF and got time away from my family. Something I have never got to do before on that scale.

Texas, the parts I visited, I pretty much fell in love with. Love the manners, the life style (so laid back compared to California), the fact that it is something so different than what we have here. Add to the fact that several very good friends live there!! I will say 5 days was not a long enough time to spend there. And I will be booking a trip back in my near future!

Came back to Cali and then the 4th hit (yes, I know that is July but still). We took the weekend away and went up to South Lake Tahoe for the week away with the family. Our first real kind of vacation with all of us. Amazingly, everyone got along really well... Which leads me to believe that when time comes to have a longer vacation, things will go along swimmingly.

Up next in our lives... Well Austin is off to camp right now, Alexandria gets to go to Great America this Friday for the first time ever! And we are making plans to sometime in the next few months, go camping on the coast for the weekend. That will be an adventure!

So now that you guys know how my summer has gone...How has yours? What fun have you been doing or are planning on doing???

xoxo, T