Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two Weeks into 2011 and its been good

Another week is done and gone. It's going by pretty quickly, and for that I am surprised and yet not. Every day is another day, filled with a long list of things to do and never enough time to get any of it done. And with so much that is being done, hard to take a daily picture that shows what has happened. So I guess its a mix of both. I do the best I can.

Monday was spent working and then went window shopping. I want the Nikon!

Tuesday was spend with work and with baking prep. After making the above cake for my class, I had to rush off to a Boy Scout meeting. Daily Tuesday life!
The final product on Wednesday! Bugs Bunny cake I decorated.

Thursday afternoon, I found these cupcake displays for $5 each! Such a bargain shopper I am. :)
Friday was spent a time of pampering for me! Nails done!

Saturday was a wonderful end to a good day. Fire place, movie and cuddling with my honey.

I spend most of the time working each week between 2 jobs. It's a busy life but fun. So I try to put up and tell about how each day has something different!

xoxo, T

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A week has gone by

Just over a week has gone by of the new year! How has it been for you? Mine's been pretty good. Monday-Thurs was spent working at my weekday job (church job). Lots of fun and I love it there. I get to run the VBS (Vacation Bible School) there which will be a ton of fun for me and everyone involved.
Working on VBS for 2011
 I started taking a cake decorating class on Wednesday nights and the first night was this past Wed. It was a lot of fun and the cookies (below) did not last the night in my house with the kids! Managed to surprise everyone with my "skill" and they thought someone else did these!
Cake Decorating Classes... Cookies first. Day 5
Thursday (day 6) was pretty uneventful. Just spent the day working long hours at the church and then came home to dinner and a new Grey's. Somethings never change and one would be my love for Grey's Anatomy!
New Grey's Anatomy, somethings  never change! Day 6
Friday (day 7) is my only day off during the week. Between both jobs I work 6 days a week. Dont get me wrong, i love it. So I use my Fridays to catch up on everything I may have missed out that week and start gearing up for the week ahead. This Friday I thought to try my hand at making a cake. See this coming up Wed in my class we have to bring a 2 layered filled and frosted cake to decorate. And we must do it ourselves! So the strawberry cake (below) was my trial run. I found out that a 10 inch cake is HARD to cut in half. Monday I'm going to buy 2 8inch pans! But it still tasted GOOD!
Strawberry cake anyone? Day 7
Day 8 was spent working at the winery, Vicarmont. Then right after work, I went grocery shopping (several hours long shopping trip) and then stopped to pick up some take-n-bake pizza for dinner. It was quite yummy if you look at what little is left here on Austin's plate!
yum! Pizza for dinner after a hard day of working and shopping! Day 8
 Day 9, which is today! I'm sitting here at work waiting on more people to come in and taste the wine. The wine tasting is free and its yummy wine. Plus you get my sunny self to talk to. :) That is a bottle and a taste of our Gold metal winning Merlot!

Weekend job working at the Winery. Come on in for a glass or bottle! :) Day 9

 So that has been my week so far! How has yours been? Stay tuned to this week. I'll post picture of my Cake i end up making!

xoxo, T

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jan 1, 2011....365

So I saw a lot of friends in the past years doing a 365. Which is a year in photos of what was done. I thought that with how quickly 2010 went by..... I'll do it for 2011. So here is two pictures of my 2011 day one.
Nick and I ringing in the  New Year!

Sleeping and playing the wii!
So we spent the new year at my best friends house, playing games. Then came home and slept all morning to wake up and play the wii all after noon. Fun  day and no work. wooohoo... One more day of "vacation" for me and then back to the old grind with work all the time. :) Can't complain because so far 2011 has been much better than 2010!

xoxo, T